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Do you have a doll in a shape you just can't bear to look at?

Broken limbs?
Did the dog get to it?
Did a sibling or child get ahold of them with sharpies and/or scissors?

Freaky factory flaw that has completely ruined the doll?

Awesome. :D

I'm someone who CAMs as part of a routine to keep my artistic and fashion skills up to parr while I focus on heavy academics. I'm a college student, a psych major with a double minor in art and fashion. I CAM between essays and assignments to keep my creativity flowing.

But I'm a college student, so I don't like buying brand new dolls with money that could go towards rent or food.

I also don't like using brand new dolls for modding because a child or serious collector could have that toy, and I'd be perfectly happy with a broken one.

Broken dolls lead to a bigger challenge, I have to figure out how to work with or around the new freaky flaw in the doll.

So if you've got a doll you feel is ready for the trash bin, send me a photo and a fair price (I'm up to negotiations, but again, college levels of poor here).

I'll even post before and after photos so that you can see that your doll went to a good home and became somebody again. :D

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If you're still looking for damaged dolls, I have a Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia and an Ever After High basic Ashlynn Ella that my dog got to. On Ghoulia she chewed up the feet but the rest of her (excluding tights) is good, she won't have her shoes though. On Ashlynn she's missing a hand and the feet are chewed up and the shoes were completely destroyed and I don't even know what I did with them. If you're interested, I could get you some pictures.


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