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Do you have a doll in a shape you just can't bear to look at?

Broken limbs?
Did the dog get to it?
Did a sibling or child get ahold of them with sharpies and/or scissors?

Freaky factory flaw that has completely ruined the doll?

Awesome. :D

I'm someone who CAMs as part of a routine to keep my artistic and fashion skills up to parr while I focus on heavy academics. I'm a college student, a psych major with a double minor in art and fashion. I CAM between essays and assignments to keep my creativity flowing.

But I'm a college student, so I don't like buying brand new dolls with money that could go towards rent or food.

I also don't like using brand new dolls for modding because a child or serious collector could have that toy, and I'd be perfectly happy with a broken one.

Broken dolls lead to a bigger challenge, I have to figure out how to work with or around the new freaky flaw in the doll.

So if you've got a doll you feel is ready for the trash bin, send me a photo and a fair price (I'm up to negotiations, but again, college levels of poor here).

I'll even post before and after photos so that you can see that your doll went to a good home and became somebody again. :D

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I have everything below available to you. Let me know if you are interested in any (or all) of it :)

What's the matter with Cleo? Couldn't you just give her the arm and hand from the other arm set you have?
I'll send you some estimates as soon as I'm back home, this is my last week of holiday, and I have to get to my place near my University before I start making business deals.

I am especially interested in your poor one-legged Draculaura though, that's the sort of thing I take special interest in, especially if you can't find her other leg.

(I have access to my university's three dimensional scanner and printer, and have been dying to test out).

As soon as I get home, I'll send you what I feel would be a fair price for the lot of them, and then we can enter negotiation. Is that cool?

Friend request accepted :)

Those are actually Clawdeen's claw hands and forearms, that's why they're not attached to Cleo.

The Draculaura's leg has the peg broken off inside of it. The other two Draculauras both have pegs broken off inside of their arms. Other than all three of the Draculauras, every doll just needs parts- nothing's actual broken.

Just wanted to let you know what's what with the dolls.

No worries, just let me know once you're home and we can work something out.

See? Those are issues I can get behind. Clearing the pegs is something I could do in my sleep. :D

Hi Hon,

My daughter already broke her 13 wishes Howleen she got from Santa. I contacted Mattel and they sent a new Howleen's which I received yesterday.

So I now have a broken legged Howleen I wish to donate to you. I remember being in college on a strict budget. I'll even spring for the shipping as long as you're ok getting her in a padded envelope.

FR sent.

My goodness, you can't possibly imagine how much I appreciate that. I'll accept your FR right away. I promise to post pictures of her final appearance and treat her well. :D

Here is that Howleen that will be on her way soon to you...

Excellent! I can start to work on possible designs immediately. Thank you so much, she'll be made into a treasure, I assure you.

Still looking into offers. The more damaged the doll, the better.

Are you open to buying dolls on ebay i have seen a ton of broken dolls there for way less then retail at buy it now.

like this set here.

Neato, if someone hasn't bought it buy Thursday evening, I definitely will. That's a nice lot of parts there.

thrifty dolly said:

Are you open to buying dolls on ebay i have seen a ton of broken dolls there for way less then retail at buy it now.

like this set here.

I have 3 broken dolls..One is completely beyond repair so I don't know if it'll even be of interest. I have an abbey bominable that has a broken leg (snapped at the knee) but I still have the knee. I love the face of her though so I am getting a new abbey bominable and switching my dolls head with the new head. I also have the body of a howleen doll. She was chewed by my collie. Her body is mostly intact but she is missing both arms, one at the shoulder and one at the elbow. The joint at the elbow is also unable to attach the rest of an arm because it is slightly cracked. She was going to be a practice ooak and was painted pink, but then I took the paint off. There is still some paint on the body though. She is currently headless because I am rerooting the hair, but I am looking for a non broken body for the head so if I buy a new doll I will include a head with her (just like abbey) . The last EXTREMELY unsalvageable I have is a Jackson. One arm was chewed halfway through the forearm and the other arm is only the upper part of the arm. both of his legs are broken at the knee. I have one of the lower legs that broke off but the foot was chewed off. I think the only reason I have kept him this long is because I love him but honestly he just sits in a bin so there is no point in keeping him..


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