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Hi. I am looking to trade for several Slo Mo's for us to save in our collection. Not the 5-pack, but the single Ghoul Spirit doll. We got one back in early April but have not seen him since.

I have tried to find items that would be of interest for people. If you have Slo Mo's sitting on your neighborhood Walmart/Target/ToysRUs/etc shelves, please let me know.

I have very positive feedback on this site. If you are new or don't have any feedback, then I'll have to ask you to ship first. I have been ripped off several times and I'm committed to not let it happen again.

I base the value of my items on Ebay pricing, less Ebay's seller fees.

I place the value of Slo Mo Ghoul Spirit at $30. I am hoping to find users that can still purchase him at retail.

I am offering: (all new in box)

Swim Holt Hyde

Scaris Deuce

Clawd Wolf Sweet 1600 (international)

Jackson Jekyll (Swedish, diary is not English, box is not mint)

Ghoulia Comic Book Fashion Pack (I call it the poor man's SDCC Ghoulia, but it is one of my favorites)

I have many more dolls, new in box and loose, so if you have been desperately looking for something, let me know.

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I am in the US and prefer to transact only in the US to save on shipping costs for all parties.

Either I'm not making a fair offer or there just aren't that many Slo Mo's around in stores anymore. I know there aren't any around me.

If I'm not making a fair offer, then feel free to propose something different.


I think you might need to adjust the $20 value you're placing on slo mo, especially if you're valuing SC Holt at ebay prices. Just a thought, hope you're able to find him - he was a tough one.
Yep that's fair. I do place a bit of a different value on older, out of print items vs new, existing items that are **theoretically** still on the shelf. And if someone was keeping their single pack Slo Mo, but going to buy the 5 pack, then this could work for them.
The 5 pack has helped alleviate the slo mo issue, I am one of those that will buy the pack to open Mo and keep my GS Mos in box. You've got some nice in box items there, I'm sure they'll be a lot of interest from the board. I only found 2 GS out there, he's definitely been the hardest doll for me to find in the wild to date.
I tried to offer some good stuff.
That's what I'm hoping for. Thanks for the messages.

It never even got here in Italy you know that (got mine from Sweden) or I would have bought him just for the rarity of him and toss them to you since i don't want doubles. Stores are also not restocking GS anymore in Italy, in summer toys don't sell and by xmas we'll have all the newer lines - but if it helps i'm reading on facebook that a lot of UK collectors are having luck in Tesco's right now

Save Clawd for me! I'm on the hunt daily. 5 Slo Mos is a bit much but I bet I could find a few. :)

Updated. Still looking for several Slo Mo Ghoul Spirit, new in individual box

Hi all, if anyone can get Slo Mo Ghoul Spirit, I have many older rare new in box dolls and accessories I can trade. I have purchased a couple at $27-$30 off Ebay but would prefer to trade from my inventory. Otherwise I have to start selling on Ebay to pay for my purchases and I enjoy avoiding Ebay fees.


Hi. Yes, right now Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo in the individual box is the only one that I'm looking for.

Good Doll Hunting has asked me to reserve Clawd for her. She and I have traded in the past.

I have another Clawd, so if you have something interesting to trade, with a roughly equivalent value, PM me and we can discuss.

Thanks for the message.


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