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**Want To Trade My Dance Class Gil & Rochelle For Your Swim Holt Plus Others Added**

Just like the title says. Looking for Holt.
Can offer any of the dolls in the Dance Class 5 pack including Gil and Rochelle.

I might even be willing to trade for a Dead Tired Cleo, basic Cleo,basic Ghoulia,basic Lagoona and of course my dream girl Webarella (long shot I know).


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Bump added more dolls I'm looking for

Vanessa, are you getting my messages?  I don't know if they're going through or what's going on. 

Torie- Yes I got them and your package is now dropped off at the PO :) Enjoy!!
Loony phone has been screwy today. I sent my mom 29 of the same email by hitting send once. I need a new phone. Lol thanks, it still says the same thing but ill check it later.
Bump. All still available. Can't find Holt at any of the Justice stores. Help me out :)
Bump. Found Frankie but still need Holt and maybe a few others on my want list :)

I have a loose Dead Tired Cleo.  She's is not in box as she originally was my daughters but she was never really played with (She likes her Ghouls Rule Cleo more!) so she just has her pants and her slippers.  The dolls my daughter wants is Gil (long shot!) Rochelle (again I know) or Operetta.  I know its a long shot but wanted to ask!




Thanks for the offer but I'm looking for one that's complete. Sorry :(

I'm pretty sure I can get you a NIB Swim Class Holt, if you're still looking for him. Let me know!


I sure am! What are you wanting for him?

MonsterMenagerie said:

I'm pretty sure I can get you a NIB Swim Class Holt, if you're still looking for him. Let me know!


Well, I noticed you had attached a picture of Dead Tired Robecca. Is she up for trade, and if so do you have/would you be able to get DT Spectra, too? If not, I'd be happy to just trade Gil and Rochelle for Holt.

I'm pretty flexible, so I'm sure we can work something out no matter what you have to trade :)



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