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 A Ghoulia yelps and Werewolf Create-A-Monster

I got both as gifts. Ghoulia has slight yellow and black marks on her skin and the Werewolf is in tacked. I just don't wan them anymore. If willing to trade eaither for two dolls or even just one.

I am looking for a cam skeleton complete, Honey Swamp, Scarah Screams, Skelita (not art class) or a bunch of outfits and shoes (must have everything it came in the box with minus the stand brush journal or pet)

Maybe you have clothing just sitting around from customs you did.

But if you don't wanna trade I'm going to say ten for ghoulia and five for the werewolf plus shipping and handling will do overseas

contact me at subject line as interested in dolls

if trades will be made send what your trading for and if buying dolls I will send you Paypal info 

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hello im intersted in trading for your create a monster werewolf.

I have many dolls to choose from if you are interested

I'm interested. Do you have any of the dolls I'm looking for? See the list. Email me the pictures of the dolls your willing to trade and I'll pick the one. My email is thanks

yes i have lots of clothes and shoes and i have alot of dolls

How many outfits/ shoes are you willing to trade for

How bout 8 outfits??

Eight outfits works great but girl outfits. OK send me your info via email. Mine is and once you have it all sales or trades are final ok

ok how bout tomorrow

OK but you have to email me your address or po box and I'll send you mine so we can mail it to each other

ok my email address is

OK thanks should get an email soon


can you send me a picture of the create a monster werewolf?


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