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Want to Buy your Broken dolls or Random parts for creative daughter

I am interested in buying your broken dolls or doll parts. My daughter has become very interested in MH dolls as I have been collecting NIB dolls. She has been spending a lot of her time watching videos on how to fix and re create broken dolls. She is soon to be 9 years old and very creative. 

So if you have any dolls sitting around that are broken, in pieces, not salvageable or unwanted I would def be interested in purchasing them for her. 

Thanks Everyone!!

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I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but I have a broken off lower leg from a Meowlody doll, a slightly damaged wave 1 Cleo (missing arms; leg elastic came undone, I restrung her but it's very wobbly. also, I think the previous owner colored her lips, most likely with marker of some kind) as well as a whole bunch of loose Create-a-Monster parts, some fine and some in pretty rough shape. I've got:

-Blank, faceless heads with tons of sticker sheets to put faces and details on

-a clean pink set of torso, calves, and forearms/hands

-a mermaid tail (it attaches to torsos at the hip the same way legs do)

-a *very damaged* set of Sea Monster parts. The previous owner painted a mismatched torso with glitter paint; some residue from it has gotten onto the attachment points of the shoulders and thighs. The wig has been colored in either marker or children's paint (it has that RoseArt craft paint scent to it), and a dusting of purple residue from the wig has gotten all around the neck and face of the head.

I'm attaching a photo of everything together, and giving a link to a tumblr post full of detail photos:

Like I said, I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you'd like any of it please let me know! It's just taking up space in my storage so I'd be happy to help your daughter with her projects if I can.



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