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Want To BUY MIB/NRFB Dolls UPDATED12/31/13 ADDED Viperine And Honey To Trade

Hi, I would like to try getting the last pieces for my collection here before I go to Evilbay. I am an adult collector and looking for dolls that are never removed from their box and in mint/near mint condition. I can get most of these dolls for less than $100 on Ebay, but I'd rather try here first. I can pay through PayPal so we're both protected.


Since I can't pull a gazillion dollars out of the air to pay for all of them at once, I'm not sure if I should just list one at a time and change the post as I get dolls or if I should list my wants in highest to lowest priority.


I'll try high to low first and change it if I get too many offers at once :) I've edited to add prices I'll pay. I'm not above haggling a little but I know what these dolls are selling for, not just what peoples' asking prices are.


I have 2 Viperines and one Honey I'd be willing to trade. For those I'm looking for:

1.  Ever After High Cupid

2. Lalaloopsy large Alice In Lalaloopsyland

3. Scare-mester Jinafire

4. Scare-mester Catrine

5. Art Class dolls 


Let me note that I'd like these dolls with the American boxes :) 

1. Sweet 1600 Clawd-Will pay $100.00 shipped

2. Dawn of the Dance Deuce-Will pay $120.00 shipped

3. Dawn of the Dance Draculaura Complete with hat, wrap and card-Will pay $80.00 shipped

4. Dawn of the Dance Lagoona-Will pay $100.00 shipped

5. Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia-Will pay $80.00 shipped

6. SDCC Scarah and Hoodude-Will pay up to $200.00 shipped, most are going for about $175 on average

7. SDCC Webarella-Will pay $140 shipped

8. Wave 2 Basic (School's Out) Cleo

9. I <3 Fashion Frankie

10. I <3 Fashion Abbey

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Here is the snow white pic's ;}


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