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I'm thinking about buying a doll, would any one know if it is worth it. Some of you are more educated in more than monster high. Any replies is appreciated, Thanks!

Queen Elizabeth I Barbie Doll - $300 (Florence, Ky.)

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Still in box never been used and is in perfect condition....
Rare Barbie Doll there was only 1,000 produced. Its a great collectable it will continue to increase in value...

If the offer is reasonable I'm willing to negotiate I also have quite a few other collectable dolls....
Call with any questions

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I looked her up and found somewhat of a market for her she is 1994 I believe, I really think she is out of my league just take a look of another one made in 1993 and the list goes on I think, I just thought maybe the Queen would hold its own value because this doll below is out of my reach. Mainly looking to resell her, and if it's worth buying at $300 maybe $250 I would love to collect such a doll but I would like to get a feel for them first

Royal Barbies and More Great Beauties

"Carrying a handcrafted porcelain pair of roses, Barbie® doll is the height of royalty as Marie Antoinette who became the Queen of France when her husband was crowned King Louis XVI in the 18th century. She wears a regal blue gown and matching bodice that is embellished with touches of golden lace. Draped with golden fringe, the generous layers of her extravagant gown are decorated with golden tassels and hide her full-length pantaloons and the blue satin ribbons on her shoes. A matching hat topped with feathers completes her ensemble. She wears an extravagant rhinestone necklace that complements her dramatic ensemble". Amazon: Marie Antoinette Barbie

Well, a quick search on Amazon has the Queen Elizabeth barbie at $600+. Ebay shows her starting at that price and going waaaay up from there. So I would say $300 is a steal.

I would buy her at 300 if you have the extra money and are not looking to turn around and make a quick profit on it, barbies go up in value most the time. I have one in my collection and wouldn't part with her for less than 800. That's me though I have 25 years invested in my collection and you'd be hard pressed to get me to part with any of my barbies.


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