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I noticed within the past few weeks that both Target & Walmart are clearing out a lot of toys. Brand new MH dolls in Dec are being cleared out at lower prices..50% or more in some cases. I began picking these lit MH mini's for 2.88 original price..then Target began marking down the 3 packs..then the last few weeks WalMart began clearing out the little mini's for all of .75 cents each. I had never seen the Halloween Orange coffin before in stores and my Guy was digging through a toy box in wal mart clearance aisle and voila..there was Draculaura..Been very lucky and have not bought a single repeat mini figure yet. I added my Cleo Smashem fig I found on the floor at Walmart :) 

I was also able to finally complete My Once Upon A Zombie set when Amazon had a few The Little Mermaid left..I am so sorry they gave up on these fabulous dolls. My first was "Belle" and my Guy ordered her from WalMart.

Happy Weekend Shopping & Hugss,


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Hi Maureen,

The minis are so cute! Unfortunately, they are not sold in the UK anymore.

I love Once Upon a Zombie dolls. Belle was my first one too and I think she is my favourite.

Have a good day!

Hi Tula,

Happy Weekend :) I love the mini's and am sad to see them vanishing from wal mart. I need to check our Target's to see if they are vanishing there too. Awesome you have Belle too. My guy surprised me with her as we never saw them in any store and he had to order them sent to Walmart for pickup. Did you know there are 2 Belle releases ?The second one has slightly different hair style. 

Happy Weekend Hugs,


No I did not know. I have only 3 Zombie Princess dolls. Belle, she was the first one I bought, Rapunzel and Snow White. I bought Snow White last summer in a car boot sale for £1! A bargain and she is in perfect condition. Maybe one day I'll find some more but I am not too bothered. I am happy with my 3 girls!

In the UK, we never had the minis with the little coffin boxes, only the blind bags. I am glad I have bought a few before they stopped selling them. I have no doubles either, I was cheating! LOL

Hi Tula,

My Guy bought Belle from wal mart then found 3 others at discount store for 10.00 each and I bought the last 3 on amazon with Christmas gift cards. I think it is awesome you found Snow white for that Price. 

LOL on your doubles..I did not cheat ( I had no codes ) I was just so happy to see them on clearance that I just grabbed as many as I could.

Happy Sun Hugs,


In case you find some more minis, you can cheat without the codes. There is a small clear area in the bag (I think it's at the back of the bag at the bottom but you'll find it if you look for it. I'm not too sure now because I bought my minis a while ago). If you fiddle a bit with the figure, it is quite easy to guess who is in there (you can see the hair colour for ex or other small clues!) It's quite fun too to fiddle (I guess I must have looked a bit crazy!) But no doubles, yay!

I do that with the MLP figures, lol.

Hi Mechagirl, 

I see we are all thinking alike...I hope I do find more just to try Tula's suggestion.

Have a great week, Hugs,


Hi Tula,

Thank you for the information. I am going to keep searching wal mart as they keep moving things around..mark them down, move them to clearance, put them in the back then move them to shelves again..This was how I found the Cleo vinyl boxed figure I found and wal mart let me buy it for $2.50 because they could not find a price for it in their system. 

Your description reminds me of when my Guy who collects Lego is holding those little sealed bags of mini figs and trying to figure out which figure is inside. He has gotten very good at this..( squeezing for the extra parts..LOL )

Happy Mon Hugs,


Hi Dynastic,

Thank you for commenting. I have never seen these dolls at full price in the stores ever..Only at Marshalls & TJ Maxx/Ross type of discount stores. I was just happy to have the ones I do then found The Littler Mermaid on amazon. BTW, The Mermaid is back on amazon $ 24.99.

Happy Shopping Hugs,


did they ever release the Ghoulia mini they teased a while back?

Hi Mechagirl,

Oh my goodness..YOU read my mind..Ghoulia is the one little mini I have not found yet. I have some surprises, ones I wanted, ones I thought I could not find ..but the one that I have yet to see is Ghoulia..I did find these 2 pix and mention of a wave 3 of these figures but none seen yet.

Happy Mon/Shopping Hugs,


aww cherry bear Ghoulia the cutest thing ever! 

I don't think we got Zombie Alice but it's cool you got her, there was meant to be a Pocahontas but I doubt she ever showed or was made.


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