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I noticed within the past few weeks that both Target & Walmart are clearing out a lot of toys. Brand new MH dolls in Dec are being cleared out at lower prices..50% or more in some cases. I began picking these lit MH mini's for 2.88 original price..then Target began marking down the 3 packs..then the last few weeks WalMart began clearing out the little mini's for all of .75 cents each. I had never seen the Halloween Orange coffin before in stores and my Guy was digging through a toy box in wal mart clearance aisle and voila..there was Draculaura..Been very lucky and have not bought a single repeat mini figure yet. I added my Cleo Smashem fig I found on the floor at Walmart :) 

I was also able to finally complete My Once Upon A Zombie set when Amazon had a few The Little Mermaid left..I am so sorry they gave up on these fabulous dolls. My first was "Belle" and my Guy ordered her from WalMart.

Happy Weekend Shopping & Hugss,


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Hello Skeleton Girl,

Happy weekend :) YOU have been missed :) THank you for your kind words. I thought of you the moment I found her on amazon and at a good price too. 



Interesting to see the flea markets in America. They are similar to big car boot sales in the UK except that more stalls seems to sell "new" things.

In Paris, the "vide greniers" are totally different. They are located in the streets in certain areas in the city. They are most of the time not very big so you can do several in the same day in different areas if you want to. I go to the ones where people in that area clear their unwanted things. I avoid the ones with professional dealers. The best ones for toys are the ones specifically for children and teenagers to sell their toys, books etc. There is one near my Mum's place every year. This one is fantastic for toys and it is held in a park.

You have to go outside Paris in the suburbs to find big ones like the ones you have in America.

I love the ones in Paris because I love some areas of the city. It is always great to go back there and I know where the good "vide greniers" are.

My favourite one in London is in a field a bit outside London. I love it. it gives me the feeling I am going to the countryside! I miss it in the winter.

I am sure the charity shops are more interesting in Manchester than in London. Here, they are generally expensive and not great for dolls.

Thanks for the trip to America via Youtube. It was enjoyable and no expensive plane ticket involved! ;-)

Have a great week!

Dear Tula,

Happy Valentine's Day !! I am so glad you liked the videos I found . Yes, the "flea markets/swapmeets" do sometimes sell new items like produce & electronics. Replica dolls & toys too. I want to see that wonderful boot sale in London..I am building my bucket list of places to see & shop at. Remind me to get a list of places to shop while in Paris..(We want to visit Paris DisneyLand ) I love how you know where all the best places are. 

Thank you for adding this fascinating info to my Thread. Really appreciate it.

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day !!!

Happy Wed Hugs,


Disneyland near Paris is not as big as the one in Orlando. Everything in Europe is smaller than America.

Paris is not the best place to shop. Lots of lovely things to buy but very expensive!

I am trying to send you a youtube video link. It is not a success lol technology is really not my cup of tea!

Have a great week-end!

I really don't know how to make this link work.

I should go to live in a cave, grow my own tomatoes and start to make pottery! And throw away my computer!!! LOL

Shame. The video is quite funny and would give you an idea of how the car boot sale is.


Dear Tula,

Happy Sunday :) Thank you for your messages. I did try the link and it did not work for me either..I did see some lovely YT videos of flea markets in France & Boot sales in the UK though. Thanks for sharing them with me. I would not have thought to look for them if not for you.

My guy surprised me with this Beanie Boo for my collection "Lollipop" is her name..soo cute. 

Found this one YT link :

Marché St Ouen/Porte de Clingancourt flea market:

Happy Shopping Hugs,


Lollipop is very cute.

I don't know how to do it, this is why the link does not work. I am not very good with computers. I don't like them. I use them because I have no choice. If you type the address on the link, it works. I have tried it. Of course, it is not very practical...

I love that car boot sale. I really miss it in the winter. Today, I went to a small boot fair and bought 2 Zelfs (only 2, I could have bought more but I want to be good!) and a lovely Bratz from the charity shop. She is beautiful and she was only 50 pence! And the Zelfs are so cute.

This flea market in Paris is mainly an antiques market. It used to be a proper flea market in the past. It was good then. Now, it is not that much fun and it is also very expensive (and absolutely useless for toys!).

Have a great week with Lollipop.

Hello Tula,

Happy Monday :) Oh I totally understand the whole situation with links. My Guy had to teach me how to do them and how to send them so they load right. I followed your brilliant advice and copy/pasted the whole text , put that into search and voila..the wonderful couple & their dog going for a ride to boot sales..Loved it :)

Congrats on the fab finds when you went out shopping..Great deal on the Bratz doll..( and the money goes to help charity/people. Very good ) I had to look up what a Zeif is and wow, those are really cute. I thought the video was more about antiques but lucky for us there are tons of such videos in You Tube.

I copied the text from You Tube direct for your link..I think I did it I probably did it wrong..Believe me it happens to all of Us at some point.

Happy Mon/Week Shopping Hugs,


It works! Thanks (I still don't know how to do it lol)

I have never done it before. It was my first attempt and it was a FAIL!!

I am a bit technophobic. I don't use social networks of any kind. I am surprised I belong to this forum...the things we do for Monster High!

Technology has destroyed photography and it is unforgivable. It will eventually destroy all forms of art and our jobs too...

And I don't like pixels...

Well. technology is useful for a few things, I suppose... it could definitely be used for better purposes and in a more intelligent way.

Anyway, I will stop my "stone age" rant here!

Have a great week. Give a hug to Lollipop from me lol


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