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Oh Walmart. Trying to squeeze out a few extra dollars at our expense. Why is Way to Wonderland Briar Beauty almost $27.00? The other dolls top out at $24.99, and Amazon has them off and on for around $18.00.

I sent an inquiry to Walmart, and encourage others to do so too. Otherwise they will just keep on ripping us off on exclusives. Shame on them.

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I wondered the same thing. The doll doesn't look like a deluxe or anything like that so I can't see why she is more expensive than the others.

Yeah, $27 does seem a bit steep. At least if I want to pick her up I could use my discount.

You think that's bad, here in Australia she's in store at TRU for $70 AUD... $70. I had to do a double take!
(However she's on the TRU online store for $60... still way overpriced..)

She's $20 - $30 more expensive than previous EAH dolls, excluding Playsets naturally. Although the WTW Raven Playset is going for $130 in store and online at TRU. It's not justifiable at all.

I am so envious when I hear US prices for goodies. You guys got it good in comparison. :(

Walmart said they would match competitors rates of $24.99 and did so - even though they were then selling the other dolls for around $22.00. Oh, Walmart.

I know it is a lot of trouble over a few dollars - but they will lower the price on Briar.


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