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I was just wondering if anyone has found her yet in US stores?  My Walmart has not done a toy reset since Christmas and I was just wondering if anyone has found her yet or if anyone knows when Walmart will reset their toy area.  Thanks :)

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Walmart in Livermore, Ca had about 6 last night.

I finally found her today too!!!!!!!  Got up early and headed over there and there she was on the shelf in all her beauty.  There were six when I went and I spent lots of time looking at her hair and dress.  People probably thought that I was nuts.  Lol.  

I believe this is the first time Operetta generates such a passionate interest. This is good.

My Wal-Mart has her in now too. Once the department managers get all the mods reset on the MH section she should show up. Mine reset the mod Tuesday or Wednesday night and the Hauntlywood stuff, along with Jane and the Secret Creatures stuff was in last night.

Walmart in Nixa MO had like 5 FCA operetta's tonight! Had to pick one up because i've been dying for her!

They also had honey, viperine, elissabat and clawdia! I was super shocked!!


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