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I was just wondering if anyone has found her yet in US stores?  My Walmart has not done a toy reset since Christmas and I was just wondering if anyone has found her yet or if anyone knows when Walmart will reset their toy area.  Thanks :)

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I haven't seen her either and I am always looking for her when I go. The modular change should be happening fairly soon because they have a large amount of clearance.  Sorry couldn't be much more help.

My Wal-mart is the same as well. I've had an employee look up her UPC late in January and the only information was that she would be set to arrive in February. I feel like it's Cupid and Catrine all over again! I've been anxiously awaiting this Operetta since photos were released.

I'm in South Florida by the way.

Does anyone if she's available at Asda stores?

My wm is doing their reset next week. Not sure when they'll get Operetta or the new Ghoul's Alive, but it should be soon? Hang in there!

she's in asda, saw her a couple of weeks back.

oh that's good news I shall be going there soon

I was at our local WalMart today, no new dolls on the shelf yet, but they did have the operetta tag out, looked like they were resetting tags in preparation to put out stock, so maybe we will start seeing her this week or next.

My Wal-Mart just got her in earlier. After seeing her in person, I think I'll buy when I have the money.

I can not wait to have her in my collection :-)


Thank you for the inof and for starting tis thread :-) 

Someone posted in one of the FB groups yesterday that she was found in KY

Haven't seen any yet.  :(

I got one today at WalMart in KY..


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