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Hello & Happy weekend,

We've been out & about to several stores and popped into WAL MART  and found the MH shelf totally empty. They had been marking down the budget dolls and now no more in their place are new Harry Potter dolls. Tues Morning has several MH dolls at good prices..Ross has a lot of Shopkins, Barbies ..DD Discounts has a lot of MH/EAH doll and doll sets..Dollar Tree has gotten the mega blocks MH figures for 1.00 ( Dollar General has them too ) 

Today at Dollar Tree I found 2 EAH books and 1 MH book for 1.00...Great finds for my collection.

Also came home recently with 3 Beanie Boo's from Goodwill that were bagged & sold together..

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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Hello, Maureen,

Thanks for the kind words. I'll get well, but it's going to take time. I remember how long it took for me to heal after that really bad fall. I'll be okay, though, especially since the only really energy-intensive things that I have to do involve the rooster....and some house-cleaning.

ALLERGIC to spider bites? Wow! THAT must be awful. I'll bet that you have to make sure that there are no places for spiders to hide around your house. I am glad that I'm not actually ALLERGIC to spider bites, although I really, really hate the ever-itchy histamine reaction to them.

Thank you for the PM. I'll try to retrieve the pics from the PM system here. I hope that I'm able to see them, but if I'm not, I'll just search for some reviews on YT.

I almost don't care if I ever leave this house again. I could stay here FOREVER, and still be happy. If I have YT and my headphones, and money, and my phone, I'm cool. Of course, FOOD doesn't hurt, EITHER, although, even through my sugar cravings, I'm getting USED to not having candy every five seconds. Wave a giant bag of SMARTIES under my nose, though, and ALL bets are off! LOL!

I just wish that I didn't feel so LAZY these days! It's like I want to earn more MONEY, but it's like I'm in too lazy of a MOOD to actually EARN it. Blasted hot weather! YOU are to blame, Sun, for my lazy mood! LOL! JK.

Well, here's to an awesome Wednesday, and here's a wish for an weekend!

Disappears into a shadow

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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