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Hello & Happy weekend,

We've been out & about to several stores and popped into WAL MART  and found the MH shelf totally empty. They had been marking down the budget dolls and now no more in their place are new Harry Potter dolls. Tues Morning has several MH dolls at good prices..Ross has a lot of Shopkins, Barbies ..DD Discounts has a lot of MH/EAH doll and doll sets..Dollar Tree has gotten the mega blocks MH figures for 1.00 ( Dollar General has them too ) 

Today at Dollar Tree I found 2 EAH books and 1 MH book for 1.00...Great finds for my collection.

Also came home recently with 3 Beanie Boo's from Goodwill that were bagged & sold together..

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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Hi Maureen,

I hope you are well.

I have finally received my omg bought on Ebay. She took her time but she was worth the wait! lol She is the last doll I have bought in 2020 and the first one I bought in 2021!! She was bought in December and arrived in January!

The seller was a lovely adult collector. One of my best experience on Ebay.

Here is Pop bb

I love her. She is adorable.I love them all anyway! ;-)  I am very pleased to have her in my collection. I would not have bought her full price.

I checked the toys section in my local Sainsbury's. Still the same. Nothing new. I dont think the Fail Fix will sell full price. They have the Kindi Kids you collect but no other Shopkins items. No omgs, no RH and all the small lols surprise are out of stock.

I am very worried about what is happening at the moment. It is terrible. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should leave the UK as fast as possible to at least be in France even if where we are will not change anything. It is a catastrophy.

I hope you are well

Have a good week end


Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend :) How are you ? Oh I am so glad your order came through. I always worry when I order anything sent from overseas to Me or even here in USA...With our Postal service all messed up it is taking longer than ever to get things delivered. Great Photo.

Sadly with the virus variant I do not think you can leave the UK just yet..Deep breaths and plan it all out. How much stuff is there to pack ? How will you get it all to France ? If you rent a truck to haul your belongings you will have to wait until the chunnel reopens. So many things to consider. 

We went to Target and I took some photos for you. We bought Rainbow Kate Kindi club mini doll. I haf not seen thoise on the shelves at Target before. One picture is My Kindi dolls & another is our Kitty Tallulah with her baby box and Mcdonald's set of Disney/Happy Meal Toys.

Happy Weekend Hugs & Stay Safe & Stay Healhly,



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