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Hello & Happy weekend,

We've been out & about to several stores and popped into WAL MART  and found the MH shelf totally empty. They had been marking down the budget dolls and now no more in their place are new Harry Potter dolls. Tues Morning has several MH dolls at good prices..Ross has a lot of Shopkins, Barbies ..DD Discounts has a lot of MH/EAH doll and doll sets..Dollar Tree has gotten the mega blocks MH figures for 1.00 ( Dollar General has them too ) 

Today at Dollar Tree I found 2 EAH books and 1 MH book for 1.00...Great finds for my collection.

Also came home recently with 3 Beanie Boo's from Goodwill that were bagged & sold together..

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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Veggie meatballs sound great. I want to go to Ikea now lol but I need to do a clear out first! sigh

I did not know they were making larger Beanie Boos when I have found Cinder. I had only seen the standard size and the tiny ones. Then after finding him, I went to a small shopping mall and I saw an enormous Cinder in a cards shop! Really too big for me, I could not live with him. lol One of us would have to move out!

Have a great Saturday

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend :) Oh yes, there are really 4 sizes of Boo's...Teeny Boo's, Boos, Larger Boo's and then the Giant sized Boo's...I do not have one of those really Giant sized Boo's..Hope the sales are great for you & give Ikea another try..Let me know if you like the new Veggie meatballs.

Happy Sun Hugs,


This one is so silly, I had to post it!

Have a great week-end!

Dear Tula,

Thank you for the link..I bookmarked them all to watch/save for later viewing..

Happy Thurs,


I think the giant size Beanie Boos are too big. I prefer the normal size, they are the cutest (even so I really like my larger Cinder but one is enough!)

Unfortunately, my Ikea trip is not for now. My clear out is not going very well. lol I need to be more efficient. :-(

So last car boot sale finds... I was really scared to meet another ridiculously cheap Darla that I would not have left behind of course (saying to myself it is so cheap, I'll give it to somebody blah blah blah... and I did not give it to anyone. I am happy with my 2 Darlas! lol) So luckily, no more Darla this time!

I have found 2 EAH dolls that the professional sellers did not grab before me. Luckily for me they were not with the other dolls but in a box underneath the table. The people I bought them from told me that all the EAH and MH were sold first thing early morning. Grrrr...They left the Barbies. The professionals also forgot some EAH stands.

So I am pleased to have found Darling Charming. I always wanted that doll and she is glue free NO GLUE! What a joy! And Raven of course. Her accessories are in a bag with the doll stands. She has everything. I am not keen on her cape. The only beautiful cape for the Legacy Day dolls is Briar's. I find the others a bit ugly.

My Scene Chelsea in good condition. She is very pretty. I will redress her. I have My Scene clothes and shoes (somewhere). A very cool Funko, I have forgotten her name already and of course a small doll with no shoes as usual!

I am a bit sad. The car boot sales season is nearly over.  "Winter is coming" :-(


I hope you will find dolls in the thrift stores and more cute Beanie Boos.

I wish you a great week.

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Thurs & O M goodness what an awesome haul..I am so happy you found more EAH & Our Fav Raven too.. and looks like all the EAH/MH collectors are hitting those sales too...maybe to resell on Ebay ? Love the little dolls, your Funko too..I have a few My scene dolls too.

We shopped Wal Mart last night and NO MH at all...even the Barbie side of the aisle is shrinking,,NO Descendants at all..We went to a Thrift store , Goodwill and they have received a bunch of toys from Target clearance..Found a footie/soccer scarf ( Arsenal team ) some water filters but my BIG find another EAH book, mint condition for $1.99.. I need to get back to Dollar Tree too :) 

Happy Thurs Hugs,


Another lovely book for your collection! You must have a great collection of EAH books. I have noticed the EAH books have great covers. I have never seen any here second hand. I suppose they can be found in book shops.

Yes, I think the professional sellers buy MH and EAH dolls to resell on Ebay. I haven't seen the people who normally buy them to resell in the boot fair for ages. They grab everything before me too! I was lucky the 2 dolls were not on the table with the others, and the stands. I don't see EAH dolls in car boot sale very often. And MH disappear too. When the car boot sales season will be over, I will not find anything second hand very often. The charity shops have virtually no dolls! I have a look very rarely now. It is pointless, there's nothing most of the time!


At least, you have a new discount toy store in the US! Lucky!

I am sure you will find something in Dollar Tree.

Have a great end of week.

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy weekend :) I believe I have 9 books for MH & EAH...I own all the MH movies & saw all of the EAH movies on Netflix..

It makes sense that either collectors or secondary sellers rush to buy those dolls for resale at the car boot sales. (Our flea markets/boot sales go on all year long ) I hope you will find even more dolls/goodies for this weekend.

We went to Costco tonight and they set up part of their Christmas toy section..NO dolls but they do have a collector set of Shopkins with Shoppie doll & 20+ Shopkins for 19.99...they have 2 sets on doll comes with fashion fun & the other food court.

Happy weekend Hugs,


We have car boot sales all year round here too but these ones are not very good for toys. The best ones are the ones in the fields a bit outside London, They don't run in the winter.

I have most of the MH dvds too. I have seen only one EAH movie on Youtube, Way to Wonderland. I liked Darling Charming character a lot. She is challenging her stereotyped blue eyed blonde princess character. She is the true rebel! This is why I wanted her doll! lol I love Faybelle Thorn's doll. I bought her last year in the boot fair. She is one of my favourites with Ginger!

Have a great week end. Can't wait to see more of your finds.

Take care

Dear Tula.

Happy Sat :)  Aww that makes sense about your boot sales in the fields..I hope you find some more goodies this weekend..I hope to go out this weekend and see what magical treasures I can find.

I have Faybelle too :) My guy found her for me in a clearance sale. I see we both love the same kind of dolls..

Happy weekend Hugs,


I hope you have found great stuff this week-end. Maybe more beanie Boos? (I am curious to know how many you have!)

I also like Lizzie Hearts doll a lot. Unfortunately her character is a bit boring. The dolls are my main interest not so much the characters. I have found signature Lizzie in the boot fair last year. She was only missing her shoes. Later, I have found her shoes in an Ebay lot...Happy! Last year's car boot sale season has been a great year for EAH dolls.

I did not go to the car boot sale last Sunday. I wanted to go to the Teddys Festival. I had to choose. I could not do both. We can't have everything! ;-)

Here are some of the fantastic things I have seen. Obviously, everything is hand made and cost a lot. It is just fantastic to look at everything. They also had 2 customised MH. My phone is too bad to take decent pictures of them unfortunately. (I need to do something about my shitty photographic equipment!!!)

The tiny tigers are to die for! So adorable are their detailed small feet!!

Customised Blythes. I would love to have one Blythe doll, I have wanted one for ages. They are very expensive (hundreds of Pounds). Not wise at the moment for me to spend that kind of money. So I just admire them!

The Day of the Dead customised Blythe is absolutely beautiful. I am amazed!

It was great to see all these gorgeous creatures.

I have managed to find something in the charity shop on Saturday. A re-release of Strawberry Shortcake. I have the original 80's Kenner doll. I am pleased to have found that one. I love the vintage Strawberry shortcake dolls. so cute.

That's it! It is a shame my pictures are so bad they don't do justice to all these fantastic creations!

Have a fantastic week.

Take care

Dear Tula,

Wow oh wow what amazing photos :) I would love to go to that Teddy Bear Fest..Love the Tigers and Blythe dolls too..and that Day of the Dead doll, just gorgeous.That Strawberry shortcake doll is adorable..I will have to take a count of my Boo's but I am guessing close to 30 or more..

I just did the dollar Tree run on Sat & no toys..they had on book from EAH but it was the one I already had..

Happy Tues & Thank you for sharing the awesome photos :)




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