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Hello & Happy weekend,

We've been out & about to several stores and popped into WAL MART  and found the MH shelf totally empty. They had been marking down the budget dolls and now no more in their place are new Harry Potter dolls. Tues Morning has several MH dolls at good prices..Ross has a lot of Shopkins, Barbies ..DD Discounts has a lot of MH/EAH doll and doll sets..Dollar Tree has gotten the mega blocks MH figures for 1.00 ( Dollar General has them too ) 

Today at Dollar Tree I found 2 EAH books and 1 MH book for 1.00...Great finds for my collection.

Also came home recently with 3 Beanie Boo's from Goodwill that were bagged & sold together..

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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Hi  Maureen,

It is great to see the set built. It is so cute. Cleo is having a good time!

I like these sets. They are cute and fun.

I hope you are well.

Have a great day!

Dear Tula,

Thanks Hon :) I love this set. Cleo was my first doll in the MH doll line that I wanted. I really like these sets ..Very well made.

Happy Wed Hugs,


Hi Maureen,

I finally dared to try to make pictures smaller to post them on the forum. Better late than never! I think I am scared of technology, It does not bite...

So I am still looking desperately for the purple haired McKeyla on various second hand sites. No success! But looking for her, I have found a fantastic deal on Shoppies dolls. I love the Shoppies but they are expensive here (£15 generally. It is a lot for a small doll and I can't bring myself to spend that money especially because I am not in great financial shape at the moment). Anyway, here are the Shoppies. I love them to bits. So cute! They are all in great condition except for Bubbleisha. Her hair is so damaged, it looks like candyfloss. It is ok, I have another one with normal hair so I have 2 now. One with fun fair hair!

I am delighted with my purchase. They also have the little accessories and brushes. No stands unfortunately but I will not complain! It was £6 for everything so it is an absolute bargain.

I collected the Shoppies near a small flea market in London. The great thing with this site is you arrange to meet the person, No postage and it is more fun to meet. I haven't been to this market for ages because it is not the greatest. I did have a look and found a gorgeous made to move Barbie in the middle of broken toys. She is in great condition except she has no clothes. I will have to look for something she can wear. I know very little about new Barbies (past 90's) and I have never seen a made to move Barbie before. The articulations are great. I am quite impressed.

Then, I went to a charity shop and found Rochelle in a box in the middle of not so nice Disney princesses. I don't have this doll, very pleased to find her. She is in great condition only missing her wings (this can be fixed I hope next car boot sale season! LOL)

So cute! This was Saturday, a good day for toys! LOL

On Tuesday, I went to the place where I go to car boot sales in the field. Nostalgia, probably. I miss them.

I have found 2 dolls in the charity shops. A Disney princess Belle. I don't like Disney princesses at all. I never really liked the Mattel ones. I really dislike the Hasbro ones, I find them ugly. But... this one is so pretty. This is apparently a Simba doll. I know nothing about Disney Princesses...

Ooooh! My first Disney Princess!!

Then I have found also my first Fashionista! I don't like them very much but this one was so cute and only 50 pence. They are a bit too realistic for my taste. I don't think I will have more. Here she is pictured with the made to move Barbie. They have similarities and look quite exotic. The made to move Barbie is really gorgeous.

I am very pleased with my finds. I miss the car boot sales. It is like going to one! All the dolls were £1 except Rochelle £2 and the very cheap fashionista. Bargains. It will keep me happy for a while! Still looking for Mckeyla...stubborn! LOL

I hope to see new thrift stores finds from you soon. And more Beanie Boos (I had to resist them again... I saw a so cute fox in the charity shop in the window...not cheap enough. I have to stick to the rule! LOL)


Dear Tula,

OHHHH what fantastic finds you have...LOVE the Shoppies..and the dolls are great..I looked up the Simba BELLE doll on Ebay and she is selling for 29.50 + 18.00 P/H...This is what the seller said of her :

Beauty and the Beast Belle doll from 2006. In mint condition. She has long, brunette shiny hair and beautiful big olive green eyes.She has a very cute face with a small nose and pink smiling lips. She wears a beautiful gold sparkling dress with pretty details such as little red roses. She also wears gold gloves and sparkly shoes to compliment her dress, a beautiful princess gold detailed tiara and a matching gold necklace.
She is from SIMBA, 2006. Very hard to find and truly a lovely doll. Her pretty and expressive face is the best feature of the doll, she's so similar to the original Belle. Also, her gold dress is made of a truly pretty fabric.
Super rare and very difficult to find now.
I need to go out and find more dolls too now..YOU have inspired us all :) I am sooo Happy for you  & MANY Thanks for sharing your glorious finds with us all.  One of my neighbors advertised a Brand new free Ouija board and I contacted her and she left it for me and we picked it up last night. I sent her a Thank you email to let her know and she wrote me back saying how Nice I am :) 
Happy weekend Hugs,

Hi Maureen,

Thank you for your kind words about my last finds. I am very pleased with them. I realise I miss the car boot sales because I love to look for things and find something unexpected, or even to not find anything!

Very nice neighbour giving away things. I did not know what a Ouija board was. Yes, there are so many things I don't know! I know now, thanks to you. I looked on Wikipedia. It is interesting and also very ancient. It works on the same principle as the pendulum. I have read that Aleister Crowley created one that never came to life.

This leads us to the tarot I was talking to you about, tarot of the sweet twilight. I love the illustrations. I find them adorable.


I am very tempted to buy it but it is one more tarot deck that I will not use very much. I am still thinking. I have a very beautiful one you might like too called the Raven's prophecy. I love the illustrations and the lovely symbolism. It is quite different.


I hope you will like them.

Have a great week-end. Enjoy your Ouija board!

And of course the links don't work. I have done everything right (notepad etc)... I give up. I hate technology! I do! :-(

Stangely these 2 links work if you copy and paste them. The previous other 2 (they are the same by the way) lead nowhere even using copy and paste. I wish somebody would explain that to me. Grrrrrr!

My computer is old and obsolete. that might be the reason? I start to feel old and obsolete myself! LOL

Even worse, they WORK!!?? I just did nothing but put them directly on the forum! LOL

I need a Ouija board immediately. I need answers! ;-)

I have 3 tarot decks somewhere lol.

One is literally a tarot deck, as in the french card game. Unfortunatly the rules are in french lol.

the other two are tarot as in divinition decks.

A Thoth deck which has beautiful artwork and my main one which I bought when I was like 14 with the money extracted from my savings account which was being closed in prepartion for us emigrating.

It has these weird like.. clay models? It's quite strange, they're faceless clay figures in gold and silver.

But it's my primary deck so I get the best readings from it.

The thoth deck is pretty but it's never warmed to me, it's a very "cold" deck I find. Which probably sounds super weird hahah.

I think the Thoth deck you are talking about is the Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot. It is absolutely gorgeous. I agree it is quite difficult to use due to the richness of its symbolism. It is one of my favourite deck. It is also a cult mythical one. Aleister Crowley is always a bit complicated to understand. He chose all the "keys" and symbols of that deck.

The classic tarot game deck can also be used for divination. My Mum used to do it, so did her grandma!


Congrats, Tula and Maureen! 

I've never owned an Ouija Board, but it looks cool!

Hey, Tula! That's one heck of a good doll and toy haul! That Rochelle looks nearly perfect! I wish that I had a second Rochelle doll, because, if I did, I'd send the wings to you. I hope that you're able to get some good wings for her soon.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Oh no! Then your poor other Rochelle would have no wings too!

I have spare wings for Rochelle. I put them on another Rochelle missing wings too. The other Rochelle was also missing an arm lol and had no clothes. I specialise in dolls needing help! I prefer Ghoul chat Rochelle so I will give her the wings. I like her green lips and her dress. I will dress the other. I have one more spare Rochelle wing I think so I just have to wait to find the other one!!

To rescue dolls keeps the interest alive and kicking... I have several cats looking for a tail...

Dear Wolfie,

Happy Sun :) Thank you for your message/reply..Ouija boards are fun & addictive..I have 3 now..and on the look out for more too. 

Happy weekend Hugs,


Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend...I tried the second series of links you shared and wow, gorgeous cards indeed..I love collecting Tarot Decks & Ouija boards..(This new one is my 3rd Ouija I own..I had a 4th but we gave it away when my Mom passed away )

Nextdoor is a neighbor type of thing they set up and you log in with your neighborhood and folks share things, sell things or post news..that is how I found the free Ouija. 

We went to wal mart early Fri morning and they are putting toys etc on Clearance. I found this Chelsea Barbie set for 5.00 was 19.88...I was happy to find it..The doll itself sells for 6.99 now ! The Cutie Cars Shopkins are from the Mcdonald's set of Happy Meal toys..6 original with 6 variations..and Lego Popcorn cart with seller..( I love Popcorn )

Hope to get to Dollar Tree/DD Discounts this weekend to see if they have new MH /EAH stuff. 

Happy weekend Hugs,



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