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Hello & Happy Weekend All,

We had to do some shopping at Wal Mart and of course went over to the toys..They had a few Electrified & some basic dolls and of course No EAH at all..

Then I was passing an end cap and looked up at a sign $ 7.94 and there they were ..all the Enchantimals and Monster High Little Sister dolls...they had all 3..These were not there last week.

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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Hello Sammy,

Happy Tues :) Thank you for your reply. I think my guy agrees with you. He looked at the dolls when I showed them to him and he went .."Uh huh." He is NOT a fan of the Enchantimals ..but I do like the Lit Sis of Draculaura. I am surprised these items are pending on amazon when they are being released to stores and sitting on shelves right now. 

Have a Great day,


Ebbie is the only I can deal with, but only in a way where I wish we had a grown version of her.


Perhaps if the dolls are a hit they might consider making them in a larger size. I have to go back to wal mart to check and see how many have sold.

Happy Wed,


I saw them all in person they were all very cute I just couldn't afford them at the time

Hi Kara=Tori,

I thought they were cute and the $ 7.94 price tag puts them in the Chelsea/Kelly doll price range. They might do one of those buy 1 get 1 free deals at Toys R Us.

Happy Wed,


saw all of them at TRU including a 2 pack wth a deer and bunny that I hadn't seen here. But I just dont like the execution. They are too much like costumed Chelseas. Too bad b/c they were a cute idea.

Hi Mechagirl,

They do remind me of Chelsea's..I prefer the MH Lit Sis dolls over the Enchantimals. (I would only get the fox or the skunk in that line I think,)

Happy Wed,


I found these last week at Walmart. The Enchantimals are horrendous....As are the little sisters. So.....Do the characters in the Monster High universe get less "monstery" as they get older? Why are the little siblings so much cruder and less human than the older siblings? I understand dumping the old cannon when they rebooted the series but now they're just throwing whatever out.

Dear Skeekers,

Happy Friday. :) My guy also thinks the mini dolls are ugly. I was surprised when I went back to Wal mart that the EAH Enchantimals are selling out !!  I will be heading back to wal mart soon and will do another check. They do not seem to be restocking MH dolls. :(

Happy weekend Shopping,



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