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Hello & Happy Weekend All,

We had to do some shopping at Wal Mart and of course went over to the toys..They had a few Electrified & some basic dolls and of course No EAH at all..

Then I was passing an end cap and looked up at a sign $ 7.94 and there they were ..all the Enchantimals and Monster High Little Sister dolls...they had all 3..These were not there last week.

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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they look amazing! I saw some of the MH ones an amazon as well (: 

Hello VampireIdle,

Thank you for letting us know Amazon has them too. Just in case some local wal marts do not have them in stock, amazon is a great back up.

Happy Weekend,


For UK peeps, all of the single Enchantimals are at Smyths too. No sign of the deluxe sets yet.

Hello Breanna,

Thank you for letting our members in the UK know that Smyths carries the dolls. I was wondering what the UK price for them was.

Happy Weekend,


The UK price is £8.99 for the singles. I'd rather it be a little less personally, but I love the ones I have regardless. They're great.

Dear Breanna,

Happy Sun :) Thank you for letting us know the prices. Here they are $7.94 which is just a bit more then the Chelsea/Kelly doll (Barbie's Little sister ) I like them too.

Happy Shopping,


Amazon only has everything for pre-order with no release date. I hate them.

better then nothing tho! Our Local store hardly has any dolls tbh :I 

Mattel's website has everything available to order. I think the kiddos are sold out but I know all the Garden Ghouls are in stock.

Hello VampireIdle,

Just like the stores in Northern Calif..Target is clearancing them out and Wal Mart has only a few in stock in and does not seem to be reordering them. Thanks for reminding me about the Mattel site. I forgot to check there.

Happy Sun,


Hello Sammy,

Thanks for letting us know amazon has them. They are my fall back for dolls when the stores run out of them. I have to you hate amazon or the dolls themselves ??

Happy Shopping,


Kind of both. But I meant Amazon not releasing them when everyone else already has them available. They're still on pre-order status with no pending date. Ridiculous. But yeah the dolls are stupid too.


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