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Very happy to report the BIG clearance aisle is back..Last time it was near the electronics/fabric dept this time it is by the toy section. When it started items were tossed onto one side of an aisle..NOW they have started stacking all clearance there. I found binders for 1.00 & they had vitamins, holiday etc..I found Ghoul Fair Scarah Screams marked 9.94..then 7.00 and when price scanned she came up 3.50.

They also had several Inner Monster fashion packs for 5.00..(same ones that sold at Dollar Tree for 1.00 ) Then I was looking at an end cap and spotted the Vinyl Cleo de Nile figure. She scanned up NO price. She was marked 5.00..I took her to customer service and the manager was there..she thought I wanted to return it and she and the associate helping me kept saying this item had not been sold in their stores since 2015..The manager said "Let her have it for $ 2.50." 

I think Wal mart will be adding more and more items to their new clearance sections and I will keep you posted.

Also Target found about 6 Ari Hauntington dolls and still has them for $ picked one up..Target moved her to clearance end caps.

Happy Wed  Shopping Hugs,


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Our Walmart still has about the same since last time, but I'm expected more and more as they're resetting the entire story layout again, which they just did last year.  We still have a Ghoulfish Frankie at 11, a couple of Brand Boo Students that when scanned, say please see an associate for help, Haunted rings up 13.  

But in the next town over, I wish I had grabbed instead of passing.  Two Ghoulfish Toralei for 5, two of the slimmer boxed Project MC2 girls for 5, the Inner Monster Fashion pack for 2, but I did grab another Monsterous Rivals for 10.

Dear Konzern,

Happy Thurs :) Awesome shopping trip you had. I am so happy you found some amazing goodies. I am still looking for that monsterous rivals set. In Target or Wal Mart when that "see an associate" pops up on price scanner I take it up to Customer service and they either tell me the set price or offer me a cheaper one. I've gotten some amazing prices that way :) Our Clearance aisle this time is HUGE both sides in the aisle packed with all kind of items. I even picked up some big binders in Pink & Purple for 1.00 each. They did the reset to our store too .

Happy Thurs Hugs,


I might have to see what i can get on the Brand Boo Students, I've talked to some people looking for them or at least their parts.  Tell me about it, Walmart is pulling basically everything out of anywhere for clearance.  We found a Lalaloopsy, Candles, she's a birthday one, and she was $5.  The big one, with the pet.  And the adult coloring book thing never caught on here, so my sister is getting color pencils and gel pens for dirt cheap.

Dear Konzern,

Great idea on the Boo students. Our wal mart pretty much just made up a price.I hope you get them at a great price. Kirstie was the only one I never bought. I keep an eye out for her at all the discount stores too. I have no idea where they have been hiding these treasures but glad we are getting another chance at them. Awesome to hear your sister is finding all those pencils/gel pens.

Happy weekend Hugs,



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