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So, the people invited are:




AD (if she ever gets on >.> XD)



And I think that's it... XD

WARNING: There will be mentions of murder. No, there wont be details like "*stabs person over and over again* lolol" but, signs of there have being murdered will show.

So, before we RP, I suggest you listen to the song Volatile Times by IAMX. If you already have, yay! XD

The theme is PRACTICALLY like a time of hardship and stuff. Murder and thieving and yeah. I dunno. I thought it would fit, since all of Nobo's OCs are murderers, Nyan's OCs are just crazy, and my OCs... are hard to explain XD

So uhm

I'm not starting but


I guess I will

I'll be uh. Jason, Mason, James, Rene, Aquae, Soter and Scelus, Bo, and uh

Sheila and uh. I think that's it? I dunno XD I'll add characters as I go

AND BACON (*wink wonk, Cami, wink wonk*)

 Let me start now XDDD

Third Person~

    Jason sighed, looking out the window. He was waiting on Mason to get back, with food. It had been a while, forty minutes at least. He sighed. "Where is that dummkopf?" he asked himself, looking out the window. A few minutes later, the idiot of a doppelganger popped into view. His clothes had patches of fresh blood on it, and in his arms was a bag, probably filled with food. Jason sighed once more, then rushed down the stairs to let Mason in. "Did you really have to kill anyone?"the brunette asked. Mason nodded. "It vas either get kicked out vith no food, or murder and have food for another veek." Mason replied, walking into the kitchen to but the groceries away.

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((Finally. XD I'll be Chelsea Shire, Nina Cat, and Danielle De Vil because yolo))

((I'll be Cami, Claudia, Purpur, Nessa, Daimen, and Keresik.))

((I'll start then XD ))

Third Person PoV~

Purpur opened her eyes, but they were only slits. "Ughhh." she muttered, watching as Claudia poured her a glass with asprin. "Why did I drink?" Purpur hissed in pain, no even btohering to fix her messy blue hair. "Because you're an idiotic female." Claudia replied simply, handing her the asprin and water. "You relize how long it took for me to get that beercan off of your hand?" Claudia asked her, almost lecturing Purpur. "I know, I know. A loooooooooong time." Purpur replied, sighing and taking the pills. She quickly chugged down the water afterwards.

3rd Person Point of View~

Nina sneaks behind the couch where Chelsea is "sleeping," meaning thinking while having her eyes closed. She didn't like laying like this-but if she flipped over she would lay on her wing and she was too lazy to pull her wings into her body at the moment. Nina quietly stands up and starts to lean forward torwards Chelsea, Sharpie in hand. Chelsea instantly grabs Nina's wrist and digs her claw into it. "What do you think you're doing?" She questions. "Giving us a reason to laugh. A good laugh would be nice right now." Nina says. "Don't you know? Demons beat assassins every time." Dani stands from the rocker. "Chelsea, why don't you make us breakfast?" Dani suggests. "Alright. What sounds good to you guys?" The demon asks.

Aquae sighed, sitting by the edge of the sea, where she used to live. Not on the land, of course; but in the water. She took a big breath, then dove in. Her legs quickly merged into a tail. She swam down, closer to the bottom. At the sight of the ruins that was once the kingdom she was to rule over, she smiled. The aqua-haired girl entered the abandoned castle, and looked around. "Perfect," she muttered to herself, before picking up some of the old valuables left behind. She slipped them into her bag, and went from room to room, thieving stuff. It wasn't really considered thieving, was it? The once great city was abandoned, so was she actually committing a crime? "No, it's just picking up the remains." Aquae told herself. When she had taken enough to fill her bag to the brim, she exited the ruined castle and swam up and back to shore. She tossed her bag out first, then took a deep breath of the water, and flopped out. When her tail turned back to her legs, she spit out the water, and clutched her bag. She hopped up, and walked away from the seaside. "I wonder how much I could get for this." the mermaid said, pulling out a gold crown from her bag, and looking at it.

Cami brushed through her reasonably long hair, muttering swears under her breath about how she hated hair. "If only it wouldn't be such a stress a day after dying it." she whispered to herself, tugging the brush through her now soft and knot free hair. She sighed in relief, putting down the brush and slipping on her jacket.

"Come on, lets go. We are going to the bakery." Nina drags Chelsea out of the house. "No, my stepdad, he's in Wonderland." Chelsea had feared her stepdad ever since the incident-she would never go to Wonderland again. Chelsea kicks Nina in the leg and hears a crack and Nina screams, then falls to the ground clutching her leg. "Babe, you broke her leg!" Dani says, looking at Nina's leg. "I'm too powerful to live on this Earth, Dani. I have told you that already. But you decided to bring me here." Chelsea says. Dani takes Nina inside, as Chelsea sits on the curb.

Rosemary ((Bacon XDDD)) poked the container of gasoline. "I wonder what this magical liquid does." She said, pouring some out and around the forest she was in. "Is it flammable?" She asked herself, lighting a match, and setting the gasoline on fire. Quickly, it caused the trees to burn. She smirked as she watched everything burn. The sound of sirens filled her ears, and she quickly darted away, into the flames. The intense heat didn't bother her, since she had been burned to death before. By the time she made it out of the forest, the sirens had faded. Her dress had burned and was a little shorter, but it was okay. She dusted herself off, and walked down the cobble-stone path to down-town.

"Ugh, I don't wanna go outside. I don't wanna socalize. I don't wanna exist." Purpur groaned, ignoring as Claudia brushed through Purpur's frizzy hair harshly. "Too bad. A murder happened and by what I can tell it was your other best friend." Claudia replied, not even bothering to tie Purpur's hair into her signature ponytail; it would've made Purpur's head throb more. "Just get changed." Claudia hissed, shoving black leggings and a baggy sweater to Purpur. "You do it for me." Purpur whined, rejoicing when Claudia helped her get dressed. "There. Put your shoes on in the car." Claudia muttered, dragging Purpur out to the car with her converse in her hands.

Chelsea stands up, and wanders around in the middle of the street, waiting for a car to hit her. There was no point, she wouldn't die anyway. She wanders into town, seeing a man giving a donation to some people from the military. She quickly snatches the bucket and runs until she's home. She thinks about crying, feeling bad. But she needed it so her friends wouldn't starve. She actually laughed. The military people have more money somewhere else, right? They were just beggars. She needed it.

"I still can't believe you KILLED someone for food." Jason sighed. Mason rolled his eyes. "Ve NEEDED food, Jason! Vhat do jou expect me to do?" Mason replied, slamming the cabinet. "I don't know, not kill someone?" Jason yelled back, plopping on the couch. Mason sat down on the other side of the couch. "Vell, I'm sorry, bruder." Mason apologized,

They stopped in front of the house, and Claudia sighed. "You have your shoes on?" she asked Purpur, and the taller ghoul shook her head. "Ugh." Claudia muttered. She got out the car, opened the passenger door, picked up the shoes, threw Purpur over her shoulder so that she was hanging on it, and then walked up to the door. Purpur wasn't facing the door, so she started kicking her feet, which sounded like they were knocking on the door rapidly. "Woooow." Claudia muttered, letting Purpur kick.


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