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Hello everyone,


I just became a member, and don't see any threads for Utah sightings.  I thought that I would start one to help out anyone from Utah.  Its been a few days since I have been out looking, but I have found pretty much everything I have been looking for lately in the stores if I stop at enough of them.  The last 3 dolls I have found were Toralei and Frankie Power Ghouls both at Target in Orem, and also Scarah Screams I love fashion at Toys R Us in Orem.  I have found that the key to finding dolls is checking multiple stores in a day, and also making sure you know which stores actually sell the dolls since there are so many exclusives.

Hope to see more people from Utah Join, I'm glad to have found this sight,



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Theres a rocky mountain region sightings thread if you would like to post there. Nothing specifically UT though that i know of.

Yes I did see that thread, but would really like to get some Utah people talking.  I don't think there are very many members from Utah yet though.

Sightings the last 2 days.

Catty Noir appeared on Wednesday at the K-mart in Draper, when I left there were about 3 copies

I love shoes Cleo and Draculaura at big lots in provo



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