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Hey there! Some of my dolls got a bit damaged during my move, or at some point objects were lost, but I plan on getting replacements. I am going to sell my used dolls now, so here we go.


Cleo Basic Wave 1

She comes with all of her clothes and accessories except for her bracelet. A very small portion of the white paint in her eye is chipped. She comes with her pet. Stand, diary, and hairbrush not included.


Deuce Basic Wave 1

Comes with all of his clothes, necklace, belt, and sunglasses. He is missing his glove, and his plastic bracelet (replaced by a fabric bracelet) Body is in perfect condition. Comes with his pet. Stand and diary not included.


Holt Basic Wave 2 (old version)

Comes with all his clothes and accessories. His backpack's lid is missing. One side of his shoelace was never painted by the company. Comes with pet. Body is in perfect condition. Stand and diary not included.


Frankie Basic Wave 1

Comes with all her clothes and accessories. One chain is broken, but this is not easily noticeable. Part of her cheek scar is slightly smudged. Comes with pet and stand. Diary and hairbrush not included.



I sell by way of paypal. I am from the US and will ship anywhere, but understand that the shipping prices will be higher if I ship outside of the US. If you buy more than one doll I will lower the shipping price.

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How much for Deuce shipped?I don't really care too much about the accessories as long as he has his clothes!
Including shipping probably around $20. $15 for the doll is what I'm hoping for and then $5 for shipping.
you can get the deuce and cleo set at family dollar and big lots for 15 right now
Can you? Then $10 including shipping. Didn't realize they were so cheap.
How much for Cleo shipped?
I could totally do 10!Can you pm me your paypal stuff?And yeah,I found the Deuce and Cleo pack on sale yesterday at target for $15,when all the other dolls were like 20 or higher,they're trying to clear them out....still 31.99 at my Wal-Mart though.

Yes, please send me your paypal! <3 I'd like to get her.

Alright for Karissa and twylight respectfully. My paypal is And if you both send me a message with your addresses and which ones you were wanting (to make sure I don't accidentally ship you guys the wrong ones!) I'll get them out to you!
Sent, thank you! <3
I'll be sure to ship her in a couple days!
payment sent dear,sometime's the paypal messages mess up when I send my addy in there,so if you have any problems just let me know.I wanted the Deuce,I forgot to put that in the message!Sorry.


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