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Updated: 8/11/2013/ Looking for SDCC 2013/B/S/T MH and non-MH stuff especially like broken MH, 80's toys and other things.

Hi, I am willing sell items or multiple items I have listed for things and I may sell or trade items posted and not posted. I may also buy broken dolls, doll parts, and CAM pieces (I have paypal and I will also accept cash (at your own risk). I don't have a shipping day set but it will be when I have gas to get to the post office. I will let people know when I ship because I normally, use a DC number unless requested not to.

List of wants

SDCC 2013 Wydowna (a very, very, very, long shot but it can't hurt to try) Cash/doll trade/or combination of both. Edit: If mattycollector doesn't get them I will trade a massive amount of MH stuff have old stuff except for DOTD Deuce, GHoulia, and other SDCC. I could make payments, or do a combination of both, or buy stuff for trades just can't afford DOTD Deuce or other SDCC stuff. I have 3 children who would share her. Thanks

1. Monster High Girl arms and hands matching sets

2. CAM pieces especially need upper arms/legs and boy torsos. I also need ghost accessories,

3. Broken/damaged dolls-I will pretty much take anything

4. Monster High doll parts-I will take anything but would prefer/like dolls with matching sets of arms, hands. and legs.

5. Monster High clothing and accessories-I will take anything as long as it is in good condition I especially love jewelry and the doll items

I would like these specific things if anyone has them for sale or trade:

skeleton CAM shoes, Cleo wave one belt, clothing, Lagoona wave one bodysuit, shoes, neclace, bracelet, basic Spectra necklace,

6. Monster High fashion packs- I need Frankie Fashion, Operetta fashion pack, Abbey snowboarding-need clothing, need Abbey ice skating, Lagoona summer fashion, Clawdeen fashion pack, also need all Fearleading fashions, Draculaura newspaper fashion, Ghoulia comic book fashion,

7. Non-Monster High clothing that fits the MH dolls-Barbie, Bratz and other stuff

8. Coffin Bean set with Draculaura only prefer used/loose so I could buy parts at a time-

9. Draculaura bathroom set-want loose and separate-don't need the doll

10 Ghoulia Scooter boots and jewelry

11 Cleo vanity accessories-will purchase loose

12.Killer style Draculaura and Frankie-nude and/or loose

13. Wave one Frankie diary

14. New deluxe fashion packs Robecca, Operetta, Frankie, Ghoulia-any pieces
15. Kohl's Killer Style Clawdeen doll-loose out of the box


16. Kohl's Killer Style Operetta doll-loose out of the box

17. SS Clawdeen nude/loose

18. SS Cleo nude/loose

19. broken boy doll parts-my son wants to make something?

20. Non-Monster High things cute/creepy stuff-show me something you never know what I or my children will like. (For example horror movie toys, Nightmare before Christmas stuff, ect.

21. Dance Class Lagoona nude

22. Clawdeen wave one clothing, shoes, and diary
23. PD Frankie-nude or loose

24. Scary Tales Clawdeen-nude or loose doll

25  Ice CAM and Blob-need all/gorgan CAM parts-need hair and torso upper leg and arm pieces CAM sets

26  Scary Tales Snowbite nude/loose

27. Swim Class Lagoona

28. Power Ghouls Spectra nude/loose

29. Heath from Abbey set when it comes out

30. Frankie vanity-loose/used

31 Abbey bed-loose/used

32 Scaris cafe-loose/used

34 Scaris Ghoulia-loose

35. Twyla, Gigi, and 13 wishes Lagoona-need them nude/out of box.

36. Non Monster High-This is an odd request but I need a used He-Man Snake Mountain playset it does not have to be complete I can always buy some pieces separately. I would be willing to make weekly payments, pay and/or trade some Monster High dolls. (I have a few set aside for this) I need this for a present so as long as it is not broken and you have pictures I would be interested-

All items are for sale or maybe trades. (If something is on my want list I might be able to buy but it will depend on varying circumstances) unless stated otherwise all prices listed and shipping charges are negotiable depending on how you want it sent and how much you want to spend for shipping.

I do not have prices on some things because prices will vary depending on individual circumstances. All prices listed are negotiable and I will also take trades into consideration whether something has a listed price or not for anything listed or unlisted.

Here is a picture of some of the unlisted stuff (not doll pictures) If you are looking for something specific please let me know.

A. I have unlisted items good for doll OOAK projects such as Barbie, generic vehicles, furniture, and other doll items.I have a few collector's edition dolls I also have LPS and Squinkies. Prices will vary on these just ask about them. (If you are looking for something specific, please let me know because I may have it unlisted or know where to get it)

I have some unlisted and broken dolls/doll parts, MH clothing, shoes, and accessories. I have some other dolls I just need to ask my children if they want to sell or trade them for something specific. I will take more pictures just ask

Adding a few things I would like to sell only-(these including shipping prices for US. If outside of US would need to calculate costs) bat for 8, Sweet 1600 Draculaura 12, ,

Wave one bat-possible pending

1600 Draculaura nude with crown-possible pending

Also have some MH things not listed but the ones pictured are available currently.

C. box of MLP's some brand name and some generic ponies. I did some sorting and have pictures available G3.5,and MCD's maybe some other ones? Also not pictured G4 MCD Rarity I just found her I have a list of the ponies

MCDonald's-Pinkie Pie-2 of them?
Rainbow Dash-G3.5, MCD 2008, MCD G4 2011
Sweetie Belle- MCD G3.5-2 of them?
Daisy Jo-MCD 2005
Star Song-MCD-2005
Sweetie Belle-MCD 2008
Rarity MCD newest 2012 edition based off the cartoon
brand name ponies-$2-3 dollars

D. Non Monster High dolls-My mom has a huge collection and would like to sell or trade dolls. She has Barbie, Ken, GI JOE, and Disney dolls and others. If you are looking for something specific please let me know. Way to many pictures here to post so I will do it on individual request.

List of prices for non Monster High clothing-Long-sleeved shirts are $1.25 each Short sleeved shirts and vests are $1 each, Coats are $2 Jeans are $2 dollars other pants/capri's are $1 dollar each, skirts are $1 each, dresses are $2 dollars each. I don't have a set price on accessories because they will vary depending on size.-I am out of non-MH clothing right now except for a few Ken doll pieces will update when I get some more.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. I have traded, purchased, and sold items on this site so I have good feedback and can give you many references. Even though the feedback thread is gone I have a saved list I will add to my page with all transactions. Here is the link to my feedback page

Please ask about anything for sell/trade thanks

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Yes, I am short on cash right now. Sorry, I just got your message haven't made it to the computer in awhile.

angelarcher said:

Hi, I have Frankie's Vanity and Frankie's Deluxe Fashion pack if you're still looking for these.


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