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The following is what I had to say when I originally thought about creating a female Candle Monster for the Monster High universe:

Ever since I saw Gooliope, I've been wishing that there could be a female candle-monster character. I know that that's extremely random, as I can't think of any actual candle / wax monsters right now, but I still think that such a character would be cool. Maybe she could be the daughter of the mad artist who created the wax museum in the 1953 horror movie, "House of Wax" (That may seem to be disturbing, but, when you think about it, Operetta's father was a social "monster", as was Holt's father).

Well, anyway, said new monster, who could perhaps be named something like Waxy Taper, might have off-white, extremely drippy skin, and "flame" hair that swept upward into a tall, skinny point high above her head. Her eyes could be a natural shade of brown, and her lips could be slightly drippy.


Well, now I'd like to present the entire outline that I typed out for "Waxina DeLight" during early September of last year:

BASIC PROFILE: Hello! My name is Waxina DeLight. I was born on December 13 (Santa Lucia Day) in the ruins at the famous “House of Wax” museum; my father was the spirit of the main artist at the House of Wax, and my mother was a Fire Elemental.

I’m really glad that I found Monster High, because, quite honestly, most humans would be afraid of me; they tend to think that I’m too hot to handle….literally!

I’m the kind of ghoul who believes in all things that are bright! I enjoy learning, but someone else must always hold the books for me, because if I literally pour over them, they tend to burn; burning your textbook is worse than owing an overdue fine to the library!

My not-so-guilty pleasures are adventure-seeking and partying! I have to be careful about keeping my flame lit, so whenever I go off to explore, I carry a surplus supply of matches in my purse, but I love exploring new places, especially if they radiate mystery and intrigue! I also enjoy being “the light of the party,” because nothing makes me happier than making other monsters feel like they have a friend in the middle of a crowded room.

FAVE FOODS: I like anything that’s either waxy or spicy, and dry foods work best for me. I have to be careful about water, because a glass-flipping accident could put my flame out!

FAVE ACTIVITIES: I love to explore dark and / or mysterious locales that are full of intrigue, and I also enjoy being “the light of the party”!

FAVE SCHOOL SUBJECT: Mad Science! Flames aren’t seen as a bad thing there, and my bright, experimental ideas are encouraged!

KILLER STYLE: Sleek and tapered, but comphy styles suit me like a candle suits a flame!

PET: A moth named “Lady Singe” keeps me company. I love her, but I must keep training her to stay away from my hair, because the tips of her wings tend to get a little bit too warm at times.

PET PEEVE: I really, really dislike those times when my flame is put out!

FREAKY FLAWS / MONSTER QUIRKS: When my flame goes out, I stop functioning as my usual self! I become way too cold (The flame helps me to maintain a balanced body temperature), I behave irrationally (I sometimes feel sad, too), and my intelligence level goes out the window! I oftentimes need a lot of help from a friend, especially if I start to get too cold before I can retrieve a new match to re-light my flame, and, even if I’m able to re-light my flame by myself, I have to take care to avoid starting a fire!

I have to be careful to stay kind of still whenever I’m in a classroom, so that I don’t light anything, or anyone, on fire. I even have to be careful during parties, but other monsters always say that when I twirl, they are mesmerized by my flame, anyway.

I have another freaky flaw / monster quirk, too, though, and that involves my body melting too much whenever I’m in too hot of a room! I sometimes have to step out of a warm room for a moment, because I hate to drip wax all over the floor, and I don’t want my melting wax to affix me to the floor, either. I prefer to stay in one solid, yet flexible piece, thank you, so that I can move and go about my daily business with ease.

Of course, I always melt just a little bit, anyway, so I am rather used to the feeling of wet wax. Naturally, it comes with the territory when you’re a candle monster.

My sleeping arrangements are interesting, to say the least. At home, a special metal “Cap” was attached to a metal column, and I fastened a belt around myself, so that I could sleep against the column while standing beneath the cap; the cap allowed me to avoid “burnin’ down the house” while I was catching some much-needed Z’s!

Of course, you can imagine how quickly I learned to construct another cap when I realized that I was going to be able to attend Monster High, and how quickly I made several more caps when I realized that Cleo de Nile hosts sleep-overs at her place!

PERSONAL MONSTRA: “Brighter is better!” My father always taught me to be passionate and intelligent about whatever I wanted to do, and my Fire Elemental mother, who often travels to exciting places, taught me to be adventurous and unique!

FRIENDS: I’m Frankie’s friend because she sparks my creative streak. I like Draculaura because she’s sweet to everyone. Cleo De Nile is so classy and cultured that she’s the perfect friend for me. Oh, and I know that Heath Burns can overheat a few nerves, but I love it when he compliments me, and our conversations together are somehow always enlightening!


NOTE: If I were ever to create this ghoul, I'd utilize a spare Blob Girl, and I'd re-paint her face and body, and I'd give her a flame-shaped wig.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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