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Today on facebook, Monster High posted

Break out those decomposition books, ghouls; you’ll want to take notes! The next few weeks are going to be scary-busy around here with Friday the 13th coming up!. Rumor has it new student bodies will be haunting the MH halls any day now!

Now they never really clarified exactly what is coming, but I have a hunch. I do not think its the dolls. I believe it will be a webisode and introduce either Abbey or Spectra, or perhaps both! But this is only my thought. What are your thoughts?

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how exciting! I saw this on facebook as well, and I agree with you, Hannah! I have a hunch the webisode will feature them!
I've been following facebook too. I hope the dolls come out on the 13th!
cant wait!
Yeah! They might even introduce Jackson Jeckyl and Holt Hyde Finally? Yay for spectra and abbey! I think your going to be right accurate on this Hannah. :)
or all 3.5 of them. would love to see howleen and learn the names of the werecat twins.
You're right-- I never considered seeing Holt in the Webisodes! but he isn't a Fleshman, I don't think... so.... myuh.

Hey Guys & Ghouls,

 I see we are all getting excited about new Characters being introduced on the 13 and the idea and chance that we might be seeing new dolls released around this time as well. I do have to say I have reason to believe we will be seeing new characters introduced in the webisodes but not necessarily as new toys and dolls on the shelves of our favorite retailers. I only say this because I have recently become a Mattel retailer (in order to get the new product for myself & my customers) I must say that on my end none of my order will be shipping in May…I don’t want to let anyone down and I do NOT know this for certain as I have never worked with Mattel before and they might indeed sell to large chain stores (Wal-Mart, Target, ToysRus) before independent toy retailers like myself. Also Abby & Spectra are not even mentioned in the Summer line up.


 I will hopefully have more detailed information later this week and will keep you posted. I am sorry if I have caused any disappointment as I am ONLY giving MY opinion from the retail end.

 I do hope we see new dolls SOON!!!


Cheers, Jeremy Austen

Funky Monkey Toys

I do know this everybody, if Spectra and Abbey are on the Clawd and Draculaura boxes they can't not be in stores then since too many people would see them and want them. So whenever the Clawd and Draculaura pack comes out so will Spectra and Abbey. There would be too much demand, there would already be enough from the webisodes. I mean do you know how many people keep saying there needs to be a Torelei doll? Exactly at least 3/4 of the people who watch the webisodes, if Spectra and Abbey come out there would be a ton of demand by fans, also even more calls asking when do the new ones come out.

Good point, but a bunch of people I bet would buy it for Draculaura. I also think one of reasons why the Cleo and Deuce pack was unpopular was that many people hated Cleo (some gave her a chance while others are still not fond of her now), and adding a boy doll which not many younger kids want makes it worse. Also Clawd is Clawdeen's brother and Clawdeens basic is never in stores thanks to her being very popular so that could boost up sales. According to a survey 15 out of 73 people want the Clawd and Draculaura pack more than Spectra, Abbey, School's Out dolls, or the new DotD dolls (Abbey has the most votes with 32). We just have to wait and see what Mattel has planned.

They still have time for Friday the 13th, it just worries me that Spectra's trademark's non-final action letter was mailed in February and nothing came back. Abbey is published for opposition so at least she's further along the process. Spectra's pet Rhuen is even has a notice of allowance when the doll is further behind. 

I do think Manny might be coming out this fall. I am shocked however that Spectra's letter was mailed and nothing was done. How could a doll who is likely to come out later than Spectra be ahead of her. I am somewhat glad Abbey might be the last one since currently I prefer Spectra over her, but I still do want Abbey for her fur.
I hope things start popping up soon like School's Out, DotD, Classroom Assorment, etc because I at least would like those to hold me over. If I get lucky I could get Abbey as my birthday present (I buy all of my mine and I am kind of poor, but rich enough to get ones I really want on my own). I hope something comes out before June 30th so I can get $21 off my next Mattel purchase, and that would be really helpful to my bank account.
Could be but who knows I guess we will just have to wait and see what they mean when it happens. ;)

Okay wait is over! I had a chat with a Mattel agent and this is what she said to me:

Alicia:  Hi Sadie, thank you for contacting Mattel. My name is Alicia. How can I help you today?

Sadie Skelly:  Hi Alicia. Are you able to give me any information on the upcoming Monster High products?

Alicia:  I can help you with that. Any information that I have available I can provide you with. Is it something specific you are looking for?

Sadie Skelly:  Clawd Wolf, Spectra Vondergeist, Abbey Bominable or anyother new dolls coming out
that you know of please.

Alicia:  Unfortunately I don't have a list to look at, I can only do a search by name. I can look into those for you. One moment, please.

Sadie Skelly:  Okay I can wait.

Alicia:  Thank you for waiting. Clawd Wolf is coming in a gift set with Draculaura. That is being released in June, so you can expect that in stores sometime around the end of August at the latest. Abbey Bominable is being released in July, so that one will be in stores by sometime in September.

Alicia:  Do you mean Spectra Von Hauntington?

Sadie Skelly:  Oh okay I know there had been some controversy over that name.

Alicia:  That doll will be released also in July, and can be expected on all store shelves by September.

Sadie Skelly:  Thanks! Also is there any information on Dead Tired Dolls?

Alicia:  I can check into that. It will be just one more moment, please.

Sadie Skelly:  Okay, thank you.

Alicia:  Thank you for your patience. The Dead Tired line is also being released in June, so should be expected in stored by the end of August.

Sadie Skelly:  Oh thanks! Sorry, but I have heard of one more, the new Dawn of the Dance which contains Lagoona Blue, Ghoulia Yelps, and Deuce Gorgon. After this I won't ask anymore. Thank you.

Alicia:  Yes, all of those dolls are being released as part of the Dawn of the Dance line. Those are being released at the end of July, so can be expected in all stores sometime in September.
Alicia:  No problem!
Alicia:  Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Sadie Skelly:  Okay thanks again! Sorry to sound a bit of a bother, but is there also a School's Out or a Monsteristas of some sort? It contains Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf, and Frankie Stein. I heard it being School's Out, but someone said it could be called Monsteristas so I was wondering what it was?

Alicia:  School's Out will be released sometime around the end of summer/early fall.

Alicia:  We do not have information for the Monsterista's yet.

Sadie Skelly:  Okay thank you so much, now I know when to constantly go from store to store. This has helped me a lot. This is all I need so thank you and have a nice day.

Alicia:  Thank you for contacting Mattel. Have a nice day!


I'm guessing that the name Von Hauntington wasn't changed to Vondergeist on their computers. Otherwise this seems to make sense and I'd guess is around 90% accurate depending on where you live.


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