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Had several requests to offer selling as well as trades so I have listed prices per doll as well.  All are as shown, I will ship internationally as well.  If you want to cut down on shipping costs I can debox.  Please specify if you want to trade as well, I have my wants list included.  If you prefer to buy, send me a PM with your paypal email address and I can send an invoice.


Venus McFlytrap - $40

Schools out Lagoona Blue - $40

CA Cupid 1600 - $50

Scaris Jinafire Long - $30

DOTD Cleo (loose) - $30 SOLD

DOTD Clawdeen - $50 SOLD

Wonder Wolf Clawdeen - $25

PowerGhoul Spectra - $25

Scaris Deuce Gorgon - $30

Scaris Draculaura - $20

Scaris Ghoulia - $20

Werecat Fearleading Set - $55

Scaris Catrine Demew - $30

Scaris Cleo/Lagoona 2 pack - $40


My Want List (prefer NIB)

DOTD Deuce

Catastrophe Toralei

Clawd 1600

Nefera De Nile

Gloom Beach Jackson Jeckyll

Basic Jackson Jeckyll

Draculaura Roadster doll (loose in mint cond)


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Have basic Jacksn if interested :)

What would you be looking to trade for?
Green haired Clawdeen or Cupid or Lagoona and cleo.
Ok how about Lagoona/Cleo pack then? Can you send me a pic of Jackson?

Cancerboy said:
Green haired Clawdeen or Cupid or Lagoona and cleo.
Would prefer to trade. Saw your trade post, you have a SO Lagoona you're selling, you want to buy another?

LunarNightLights said:

are you willing to sell any? I'd like wave 2 lagoona.

Already have them :(
Are you selling the ones you posted? Cause I'm interested in Cupid, wonder wolf, ClawdeenWolf one. I can trade, I have Catrine, Nefera, Cleo de nile
Hi MikeyC, I actually just ordered a Skull Shores five- pack just to get the Frankie doll a few days ago. I don't really want Cleo or Clawdeen ( or Ghoulia), so I can trade you them if you want. They should come in early next week according to my email from Target. I can send you pics of them once I get them if you wish. Hopefully they will look nice ( I hate not being able to personally pick out my dolls). Let me know. ^_^
@monsterhghfan I'm not interested in selling but I would trade WonderWolf for Nefera if you can send me a pic. Thanks.
@Maylee let me know when you get Cleo and Clawdeen SS and what you're looking for in trade, thanks.
I'll send you some pics of them as soon as they come in, MikeyC. As for trade, I'm really looking for Skelita or the Mummy/Gorgon or Vampire/Sea monster ( two torsos) right now. If you don't have one of those though, maybe the DOTD Cleo and the SO Lagoona ( because I can never have too many Lagoonas lol ).Just let me know what you would like to trade for Cleo and Clawdeen.
I think I have a Skelita, I'll set it aside.
Skelita would be lovely, MikeyC. If you don't have one, I would take either DOTD Cleo or the SO Lagoona. I just realized I asked for both instead of one. This where 'and' and 'or' are really important in a sentence. Lol sorry about that.


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