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Here are the rules~
1. No foul language
2. Ocs Only
3. Try to speak properly
4. Anyone can join it is a party!
5. Be kind, unless your OC is a bully!!
6. Mark your dialogue
7. You can only be a max of 2 OCs

I'll be Demi Chaos:)
~This is how it starts~
Demi is bouncing through the halls of MH after successfully surviving her first week; she hands out colorful flyers to all the monsters that walk by. She finally convinced her dad to let her through a party on Saturday! As she jitters throughout the school day her anticipation is saved by the bell.

The next day she throws her hair into two braids and puts on a stunning red velvet dress and begins setting up the food. When the clock hits 7pm, she knows the guests are arriving.

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