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I really would like to see many of you guys' unpopular opinions.
Here's mine:I prefer the CGI over the flash animation just because the CGI reminds me more of the dolls.

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I really dislike al the "mansters" as dolls. I also dislike the bigger dolls, like Clawdia and Nefara, and the smaller ones like Howleen and Twyla. I'd love for all the dolls to be the same size. I'm also seriously opposed to Draculaura, Frankie and Clawdeen being part of every doll lines and constantly being the main 3. I wish they's put them in the backburner for like a year or so, which could give a chance to other characters to shine.

All of Spectra's dolls, minus the Ghouls Spirit one, look absolutely amazingly beautiful. She  actually needs much more spotlight. Her personality is dull in the webisodes but in her diaries and stuff like that, she's far from dull.

Gaea said:

I don't get the Spectra love, sure some of her dolls look lovely, some I don't like. But mainly I really don't think she needs any more spotlight as so many seem to think, Spectra as a character is quite dull actually.

And lastly I don't find Frankie and Draculaura to be annoying. I do think they get too many dolls but I have no problem with them as characters in the cgi movies/ webisodes. 

I'm not crazy over River Styx. I like the concept of the "Haunted" line and most of the characters but this does not apply to River. Her name feels like it's lacking something and I'm not sure how I feel about there being a grim reaper character within monster high.

River Styx has the Sketelon cams face, also I am starting to like the 3D more then the flash lately.

I dislike all of Cleo's dolls so far; she looks far too 'human' for my liking and I don't particularly like her colour palette.

I also love nearly all of the 'tacky' brightly coloured dolls (Bonita, Neighthan), with the exception of Marisol, who I just don't like for some reason.

. Will you be around in 30 - 40 years when they might be sought after again? Don't you recall how worthless limited edition Beanie babies became?. Denying others the opportunity is a perfect example of spoiled and entitled.isn't it?

FabulousPhoebus said:

I agree with you 100% about the re-releases...It use to drive me CRAZY seeing all the posts about re-releasing dolls. I'm sorry if they jumped on the MH bandwagon too late or couldn't find them...but I would much rather Mattel spend time creating new dolls/characters than them spending all this time on re-releasing dolls that have already came out before!
Midori Fae said:

Before I begin, let me make it clear that I'm not calling any one person out or anything, but if you see yourself in what I'm about to say, then I'm sorry.

The "unpopular" opinion that I have is the one about re-releases.  I'm dead-set against it, because, to me, it just seems like Mattel is coddling the spoiled and entitled part of the fanbase that whines and begs that Mattel "needs" to re-release whichever wave 1 doll they didn't get because they either came to MH late or because they were never able to find it in-store or on-line.  It really isn't Mattel's problem that someone's collection is incomplete, and every time they pander to the fanbase with some form of re-release, IMO, it makes people think that if they whine and cajole Mattel enough, they'll get their way.   

I wasn't happy at seeing the "Original Favorites" come out, because it brought out the call of "Mattel needs to re-release *insert doll that I "need" here*!"  And now, with the reveal of the Basics core bundle (who look really cheap compared to the originals), I'm seeing that again, especially with dolls like Nefera and basic Toralei.  It just seems like Mattel is pacifying people who have been whining that they don't have the basic doll(s) that they want.

When I first expressed my opposition to re-releases, someone asked me, "How can you be so heartless?"  It's not a matter of being heartless; it's a matter of being realistic.  I've collected various things off and on for over 20 years now, and I have countless incomplete collections; some are by choice, others are because I couldn't afford the items at the time, or because I came to the property late and couldn't find the items in-store (in the days before eBay).  And if I came to the property late, it never occurred to me that I ought to beg and plead with the manufacturer to re-release something just because I didn't have it.  Either I had to find it aftermarket (or totally luck out and find it in-store), or just do without.  I don't see why this is so hard for some to understand.  Sure, it sucks to not have a collection the way that you want it, but it's not the manufacturer's responsibility to re-release items that people are missing from their collections just because people want them. 

Anyway, sorry if I come off like some old fart just grumbling (but compared to many of you, I am an old fart).  The topic was opened, so this was my two cents.

Hmm... Here are some of my unpopular opinions:

1. I don't mind shoe recolors if the shoe design in question is a cool one (and perhaps not too overused - like those ankle strap wedges of Draculauras with, like, five versions now). Sometimes I prefer for there not to be painted details, if the painted details would be likely to result in a lot of paint errors.

2. I think pink on dolls should be assessed on a case by case basis. I completely understand when someone says 'I don't want to buy X because it comes in a color I just don't like,' even though I feel no blanket dislike of any color I can think of off the top of my head. But I think it makes a lot more sense to critique the way a color has been used than to object to the mere presence of the color, and as others have said, I don't believe in wishing dolls out of existence because they're not to my taste. And I suspect that if we counted uses of blue and green with as much alacrity as we do uses of pink, we'd find that other colors are appearing with equal and greater frequency.

3. I like Frankie and still look forward to Frankie dolls. I didn't set out to love her; she got me against my will, starting with her ILF doll. I would certainly never request that she appear in every line, but given the sheer number of dolls they release now every year, I see no reason to object to a couple of new Frankies per season. If I were given a character "menu" by the designers and actually asked to pick which of the ghouls I'd most like to see made into new dolls, I wouldn't prioritize the "main 3." But I think the designers have done a remarkably good job, generally, at producing fresh new looks for them, and I can't fault them for still loving their earliest creations/dancing with the ones that brung them. I also don't find Frankie's exaggerated good will/conscientiousness any more tiresome than the exaggerated characteristics of some of the other ghouls, like Cleo's vanity or Spectra's appetite for gossip.

4. I don't even know if this applies hereabouts, but I've seen a lot of Neighthan hate in mh venues recently, and it mystifies me. (Not hate on his appearance; on his personality). I accept that Neighthan's diary puts Frankie on a pedestal in a weird and unhealthy way. And I have heard of "Nice Guy" syndrome, fwiw, and think it's good that that we call that out when we see it. But the point was never that no guys are nice or that guys who actually *are* nice shouldn't *know* that they are. (He doesn't know he's nice, and that's what makes him nice? A song lyric waiting to happen!) In the end, Neighthan's supposed to be a child, basically. I remember too much about the innocent but utterly ridiculous scope of my own adolescent crushes to be too hard on this *kid* character just for being... extremely soppy. So I'm puzzled at how angry he seems to make some fans when a) it's not at all clear that his exaggerated crush is being praised or offered as a positive example, to be emulated, and b) so many of the other characters (as mentioned above) have emotional responses every bit as exaggerated. (Heath is basically nothing *but* exaggeration on a stick).


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