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So, our OCs are having bad luck and they have to try and make the best of it.

I will use my OC Shellen, Shellen's POV of course.


I walked down the hall on my way to gym when a locker flew open and hit me. It was Eris. I hate it when she does that. She looked at me then helped me up. "Don't tell anyone I did that." she said putting her hand on her hip. Her silly 'baddy' reputation. Then I continued walking.

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(( I'll be my OC Kori Onna.))

Could this day get any worse?  I think as walk into Monster High. First, I couldn't find my surgical mask with the purple lilies. Then, I  dropped my iCoffin in the toilet. Finally, I had to walk to school because my mom was off ...uh...scaring children.Worst luck ever.

I sigh and continue down the hall to my locker.

((I'm using my newbie Astra Galaxy))

"This is the worst first day ever." I said so aggravated as soon as a cat walked in front of me and I tripped. I'm already hating this school. *I bump into Kori* I am so sorry I'm Astra *offers hand*

I walked a little further then saw Kori and Astra. "Y'all having bad luck too?" I asked.

I spot three girls and accidentally bump into one. " I'm so sorry!" I apologize nervously backing away.

"It's okay. I've been having quite bad luck today." I said thinking of the days events. First I almost got washed away in the sewer, the I almost got ran over, and I just got hit by a locker door.

" I'm sure it was nothing compared to mine," I muttered , looking away .

"Oh it's ok" says the Alien girl. "I'm Astra, you are?"

"I'm Shellen. Nice to meet ya'." I said. I noticed something on the wall. It looked like a crack 'please don't get bigger' then it did. It seemed to stop at a water fountain, which fell causing water to fly everywhere. Yeah, defiantly bad luck.

((Can I join? Not many active RP's, so.....))

((Yeah man.))

(( YOU'RE ALIVE????))

((Thanks! Not sure if you're talking to me, but surprisingly, I am....))

Oh school. You never fail to give me anxiety, never. Ever want a panic attack, this is your place. I place my hood over my scruffy brown hair and try to melt into the shadows. Is it working? Hopefully. AKA, probably not. I shuffle my way over to my locker, and quickly, yet nimbly proceed to get everything I need. I don't need any fires, not after the one where I was banned from a normie territory-forever. This is what I hate, crowds, crowds, and more crowds. Another day of misery, wish me luck.



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