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So as I was trolling through all websites seeing what's out (and making myself go broke), I came across this rare gem on the Walmart website...I take it that she is a create a monster doll mashed up with the monster high stylish head? If you notice, she has a little bit of everyone in her, OH and she looks like she's 28' inches tall!!!!....thoughts???

P.S. Kmart website shows another MH stylish head, but in purple. 

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It seems regular size to me lol

She does look interesting, I've never seen or heard of this one before. Maybe a third attempt at the create-a-monsters? Can you link us to her on the site?

               Wow - pretty cool!


Wow 28" she looks really awesome I must admit, I never seen or heard anything it's odd there was no reveal of her or anything, I sure wouldn't say no, I wonder if she has any Spectra in her, quite an awesome mash she has.

While she seems cool why is she so huge? Like really huge?isn't Gooliope supposed to be the record breaker for the giant doll?
I like it and I'll definitely be buying her.
New thoughts: I think this is a great way to have dolls that Gooliope and the other giant ghouls can share clothes with. Especially since shoes are something limited.

It'd be interesting if Mattel ended up making a My Sized MH doll.

She looks awesome love the of her color skin, accessories are cool and her hair remind me of Jane boo little too bad she is too big. I'm not interested in these huge dolls. I'm still debating to buy Gooliope or hoping they make her regular standard size. Also don't want to go rearranging my shelves now for these huge dolls. Seem a bit excessive for me. I love my standard size dolls. I feel there are a perfect size. I like the idea of this for the younger crowd. Little girls love big dolls. I know my daughter would love her. Ever so enough you see a huge barbie or Disney princess.

She doesn't appear to have the same kind of articulation that the new larger dolls have - she seems limited to the original standard articulation even though she's so much bigger.

I totally agree.

There are times I wish that I was 7 so I could carey my dolls around. I know I would've carried this one with me me lol!


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