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Ok. I'm going to keep count of the dolls/accesorries (IK I spelt that wrong) We find in the UK, so people know where to go for certian things. This will be updated daily, so.....YA. And remember to include where abouts that shop is. KK? Even if its not brand new stuff...Cuz people might be looking for it :)

Coffin bean, Smyths, MEL Wallsend (MEL =Middle engine lane)

Powder room, Smyths, MEL Wallsend

Basics- Nefera, Jackson, Rochelle, Operetta. Smyths, MEL Wallsend 

New CAM Packs- Witch and Cat girl, Gargoyle and Vampire, Smyths, MEL, Wallsend

Clawd and Ulad Twin pack, Smyths, MEL, Wallsend

Ghouls rule, Smyths, MEL, Wallsend

Venus, robecca, at fenwick

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