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UK Based - Scarah/Hoodude, DDG Abbey, Draculaura, various bits and bobs fs

Well, Ebay is annoying me so i'm hoping to be able to sell things on to 1: people who'll actually PAY me instead of sniping auctions and waiting 2 weeks for me to file a claim (Getting so fed up of it) and 2: People who'll appreciate the dolls and give them a good home.

So I have a whole load of stuff I need to offload.

Pictures will come shortly, once I can be bothered collecting everything together. I'm lazy and not very well lol. I also have a load of clothes and other bits and bobs to sort through. Once that's done, i'll list those up as well.

So, i'm looking to sell, not trade. I never totally feel confident about trades, it makes me nervous and i'd rather have the protection of Paypal just in case something goes wrong. I ONLY accept paypal. Their protection scheme means you guys can feel secure knowing you're protected by their anti scam policies.

Please wait till I accept your friend request before asking me any questions, or ask them here. I cannot reply to questions asked in the comment section of friend requests, I get immediately booted to the friend list then can't find the person I was trying to respond to. It's extremely frustrating to then have to trawl through pages trying to remember who asked what. So please, reserve questions for either here on the forum where I can immediately reply, or PM once i've accepted your request.

All requests sent will be accepted within 24 hours, i'm usually online pretty regularly.

So, I have available:

- Scarah Screams/Hoodude NIB. - Make an offer on these, looking for somewhere around £100 + postage. I have 2 available.

- DDG Abbey - Removed from box but complete. - £15

- DDG Draculaura - Removed from box but complete, has eye wonk. I'll get some pictures. It annoys me but it may not bother some people. - £10 - Gone

- DOTD Lagoona's dress and shoes - I have no need for these. I kept them because I thought i'd use them but formal wear is just difficult for me to care about and the shoes don't really match anything else. All in good condition. Taken off a doll and put into storage. - £8

- Wave 1 Frankie Stein - Nude and without accessories but in good displayed condition. I'm selling on my first waves in favour of later releases which feel a bit more refined to my eye. - £10

- Wave 1 Draculaura - Nude and without accessories but in good displayed condition. - £10

- Sweet 1600 Draculaura - Comes with her earrings and tiara. Decent displayed condition as well, I think she has some fang/lip blur. I'll get pictures. - £10

- 1600 Cupid head - Just the head. I was going to repaint this but I can't be bothered. - £2

Postage quoted on request per item. I charge actual postage using Royal Mail's website postage calculator and my handy little digital scale. If I have to buy boxes, i'll have to factor that in as well but I try to reuse as much packaging as I can. I collect the stuff hahah.

I'll ship internationally as well.

For the Scarah sets, I will have to insist upon tracked post. Given their value, I really don't want to risk loss in the post.

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I need to change my settings, this isn't telling me when people reply here. Bah. Anyway sorry for the delay. I'll send you a message.

Ricaevil said:

Hi, do you ship - 1600 Cupid head - Just the head. I was going to repaint this but I can't be bothered. - £2

to Italy? If yes, can you say me how much'd be lowest shipping cost from Uk? tnks



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