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U.S. doll sightings thread 2! Venus and Robecca, etc.!

Old thread was getting unwieldy, 50 pages is enough, don't y'all think? New thread will focus on the new-new stuff, Venus and Robecca, Scary Tales, Abbey/Ghoulia Roller Maze 2 pack!


National City, CA (Target)
Sacramento, CA (Target)

Chino, CA (Target)

Morgan Hill, CA (Target)

Gilroy, CA (Target)

Southgate, MI (TRU)

El Paso, TX (Target)

Moorpark, CA (Target)

Pleasant Hill, CA (Target)

Roseville, CA (Target)

Folsom, CA (Target)

Las Vegas, NV (Target)

Parma, OH (Walmart)

Cleveland, OH (Walmart)

Temecula, CA (Target)

Ogden, UT (Walmart)

Waterford, CT (Walmart)

Dayton, OH (Walmart)

Cincinnati, OH (Walmart)

Longmont, CO (Walmart)

Westminster, CO (Walmart)

Nicholasville, KY (Walmart)

Auburn, NY (Walmart)

Lafayette, LA (Target)

Lansing, MI (Meijer)

Charlotte, NC (Target)

Bristol, CT (Walmart)

Fort Wayne, IN (Target)

Corvallis, OR (K-Mart)

Mount Carmel, PA (Store?)

Cleveland, OH (Walmart)

Austin, TX (Target)

South Bend, IN (Target)

SCARY TALES [Target Exclusive]

Highland Park, IL (Target)

Baton Rouge, LA (Target)

Lafayette, LA (Target)

Atlanta, GA (Target)

Austin, TX (Target)

Fort Myers, FL (Target)

Charlotte, NC (Target)

New Bern, NC (Target)

Mount Vernon, NY (Target)

Watauga, TX (Target)

Cleveland, OH (Target)

Mishawaka, IN (Target)

Lakeland, FL (Target)

ROLLER MAZE 2-PACK [K-Mart Exclusive)

Chicago, IL (K-Mart)

West Frankfort, IL (K-Mart)

Corvallis, OR (K-Mart)

New Port Richey, FL (K-Mart)

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Found Venus, Robecca in WalMart in Niles, IL

Beavercreek, OH Target has 2 Skull Shores 5-packs for $54.99. In both sets the Cleo's had awful poofy hair.

Roller Maze 2pack Kmart Greater Cleveland Area, Ohio

Ghouls Rule Abbey Walmart Greater Cleveland Area, Ohio

Dot Dead 3pack Walmart Greater Cleveland Area, Ohio

I found Venus tonight at TRU in Atlanta, GA HOWEVER, when checking out the doll was not recognized by the system.  The manager thinks that the doll was mistakenly included with a box of other dolls rather than being purposefully shipped to that store.  They did sell her to me at the regular basic doll price, so yay!

No sign of Robecca yet :(

Found Venus and Robecca at a K-Mart in Las Cruces NM. They had two of each doll and 2 roller maze 2-packs.

I'm from Mcallen, TX and below's the list of items i've seen here and in which stores.. :)


Robecca (Walmart)

Venus (Target, Walmart)

Scary Tales (Target)

Ghouls Rule Abbey (Walmart)

Dot Dead 3 Pack (Walmart)

Walmart in Delafield, WI had a few Robeccas and Venuses as well as several Ghouls Rule Abbeys and Dot Dead 3 packs.

Found both Venus & Robecca Howell Mill Walmart Atlanta, GA

Robecca at WalMart in Wichita Falls TX and Venus and Robecca at a Love's Truck Stop in Wichita Falls TX

Brooklyn NY TRU (both of them) has Robecca & Venus.

Reno NV has:

Walmart Dot Dead Gorgeous 3 pack (only 3) and GR Abbey (only 4)

Kohls has the Operetta and Clawdeen fashion dolls (only 3 of each), plus the RollerMaze dolls and a $34.99 Venus (!!?!!)

TRU Times Square NYC has both Venus and Robecca


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