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As you may remember from my last thread, all the MH webisodes are put directly on the website of one of our channels, and I go there from time to time and check. So today I found TWO new webisodes!

One is called "Monster Maze" and is here

It is about a race in a maze, and whoever comes first will get their picture put on the newspaper. Cleo isn't interested at the beginning, but then she hears about the picture. The Werecats had been first, having passed through the maze in 30 minutes, and of course Cleo and Toralei fight for a bit. Then they go into the maze and Heath manages to burn their map, because of food, of course. Then they see Manny, and Lagoona comments on how he is supposed to be great in mazes since he is a Minotaur (oh Greek mythology, how I love thee), and they follow him, but classic Toralei tries to stop them. Then they find Manny crying in a corner, and he confesses that he got lost, and is ashamed because he is the only Minotaur to get lost in mazes. Then he is scared and runs through some walls, with the others following him and winning by one minute (they did 29 minutes) Spectra takes their picture, and Toralei gets trapped on a tree by the dogs that she let out herself.  

The other is called "Monster Legacy" and is here 

This one is about the De Nile sisters. In the beginning, they are arguing about something, and Cleo accusing Nefera of having destroyed something of hers. Then they receive a phonecall and they argue about whom will answer it, but it is proven to be their grandmother, and none of them wants to answer after all (Nefera: "She had better not want to visit us"). Their grandma says that she will be coming to visit them (ha!), and she will give "her greatest treasure to the granddaughter that loves her the most" The De Nile sisters are, of course, excited, and begin arguing about who loves "their lovely grandma" the most (big change from some mere seconds before) Cleo makes her servants cook some (yummy looking) sweets, and Nefera uses an artifact to create a sandstorm (well, actually it is a swarm of locusts- thank you, Triumrivate!) that destroys all of them. Then Cleo tries to make some tree sculptures (topiaries- word provided by Designer Confederate!), but Nefera makes her servants build a "river" instead. Then Cleo makes a huge mural (their grandma's portrait?) and signs it, but Nefera laughs and draws on it. Afterwards, Cleo is carrying some vases (canopic vases- definition provided by Triumrivate!), and says that their grandma likes to collect them, but Nefera says "Do you know what else she likes? Bowling!" (lame joke) and makes Cleo fall, just when their grandma's ship arrives. Then their grandma appears, or, well, her eyes appear, and says that she will give her greatest treasure to Nefera. The greatest treasure is revealed to be a... dog which pretty much hates Nefera and chases her around, while Cleo can relax all she wants.

I have to be honest, I LOVED the second webisode. I love the De Nile sisters, and I love seeing them interact. 

P.S.: Someone need to make a custom of that dog. My Nefera needs it.

EDIT: This has officially become the thread where I share all new webisodes I find and translate them ^^ Hope you enjoy them!

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I agree on the ADHD aspect, I thought about it as well! He is an interesting character and a great addition to the character list :D He is a bit similar to Gil... but in my opinion, Rider is better 8D Gil is too spineless for my tastes. Not saying he is bad, he's just not my cup of tea. I prefer more... dynamic characters!

Triumvirate said:

I was really looking forward to the Rider translation. He's an interesting character. He almost seems more than just bound to a wheelchair but also has ADHD or bi-polar or something! I know their goal was just to portray someone with his disability against the stereotype, which is cool, but in doing so they almost made him into another stereotype all together. Still, I'd love to see a doll version of Rider. Of course, he's a bit similar to Gil in some respects isn't he?
Thank you so much for your translations.

You are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed them :D 

(P.S.: No new webisode has been released for a while :( Boo)

Faeiesh said:

Thank you so much for your translations.

Still no new webisodes :(


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