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Hey! Yep, a new roleplay! So, our OC's are all on holiday on an island, (it can be Skull Shores if you like) and a twister comes, so they're forced to stay on the island. So, here's who's invited:

-It's FREAKING Amanda





-Rayne Winx

And here's the rules!

-You CANNOT be a character someone else is using.

-You CANNOT control other people's Oc's.

-You CAN be your OC's

-You CAN be up to 3 characters

I'm gonna be.....Blaise Foot! (Daughter of bigfoot, my OC)

Blaise screamed as a gust of wind blew. She laughed shakily when she realized it was just a little bit of wind, nothing too drastic. She was hiding in a cave, waiting for the twister, to well, blow over. Luckily there were some friends with her, otherwise she's have gone nuts. 

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I'll bee... Canni! I decided to keep her old look, in case you saw the new version. I'll delete the new version. ;) And.... Scott XD


Canni snored lightly, leaning against Scott's shoulder. Every time Scott tried to get Canni off of him, she looked at him with red eyes and growled.

"Help me." he mouthed to Blaise.

((I'll be Amanda, Zash, and Zake.))

Amanda held Zash's hand tightly. She was freaking out. She had been in a twister before, which is what killed her brother. She was close to her brother, and that scarred her for life.

Zash rolled her eyes, "No big deal.."

Zake was asleep. That little nerd could sleep through anything.

I shall be Zoey , Mason , and Ollie


Zoey walked around in her long silky white dress her newly dyed light brown hair waving in the wind . She walked over to a cave with her friends ((The OC"s )) . She saw Mason and Ollie making out and ignored them her new found spiritual life had made her forget about boyfriends. She sat down to Blasie and said " Aloha my fellow sister ."

(( This is a PRIVATE RP))

Monster High Rocks :D said:

(I guess i'll join) (I'm Ashton Boden, a normie)


Ashton had already bitten her fingernails to stubs, and was getting shaky. She was deathly afraid of tornadoes. "I'll g-go get some f-firewood, it's c-c-c-cold in here," she said, rubbing her arms trying to portray a plainly cold teenager, who, was really a storm coward.

Blaise chuckled at Scott. She smiled at Zoey and then shivered.

"When will it stop?!" She yelled. Then she covered her mouth seeing as someone was asleep. 

((OK, I will to contact Monster High Rocks, to delete his/her comments. It drives me mad when there's just rubbish arguing in my RP's))

((Thanks so much for inviting me! It means a lot! :D))

Rayne was curled up in back of the cave. "Guys! We need to-" Rayne yelled, but was cut off as a loud THUD came out from outside. "What was that?" She asked, worried.

Canni looked up, and when Scott tried to get up and away from her, she grabbed his wrist and growled. Scott sighed and sat back down, and Canni lied her head back on his bony shoulder and closed her eyes. A few minutes later, when (somehow( Scott fell asleep, Canni grabbed his arm and was about to bite his wrist when Scott woke up and yanked his hand away. Canni sighed.

"So close." she murmured.

Zake jumped as he heard the THUD. "Oh f-" He was cut off by Amanda's hand gripping his mouth. "WHATTHEHECK!?!" His muffled voice shouted. "AMANDA!" He screamed as soon as Amanda loosened her grip. "What, I don't like cussing.." Amanda replied, as if nothing happened.

A bat flew in the cave entrance and landed beside Scott. It transformed into a girl with long, silky blond hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and slightly pink cheeks. She wore a small black best, a white T-shirt wit ha cute bat on it that read, "I vant to suck your blood!" in bubble letters, a black skirt, pink and black checkered leggings, pink nails, and knee-high black boots. Scott looked over at her, surprised, and Canni looked up.

Great, two carnivors. One that probably wants to suck my blood and one that just wants to eat me. Scott thought nervously.

"Uh, who wants to go investigate the thud?" Rayne said turning on her flashlight.

No one answered.

Rayne cautiously looked out from the entrance of the cave. The wind smacked her like a blow from a fierce warrior. She squinted her eyes to make out a sparking shape.

"Oh no......" She said to her self.

Rayne walked back in the cave, her dirty blonde (dirty as in the color lol not litteraly.) hair, streaked with blue, a mess.

"I uh, I have some bad news guys. The bridge is blown out. We can't get off this island!" Rayne said, her blue eyes wide with shock.

Blaise froze.

"What?!" She squeaked. "We...we can't get out?"

She crept over to the edge of the cave, and peered out, her head as far down in her red jacket with fur, as possible, so only her eyes and a fraction of her nose poked out. A gust of wind blew, blowing her backwards.

"At least I wore jeans, not a skirt." She muttered. 

"What if I starve?" Canni wailed. "He won't let me eat him!"

"Hey, at least I want to live." Scott snapped. The girl looked at them curiously.

"Where'd you come from?" Canni blurted.

"Out there?" the girl said, pointing to the cave entrance. "I flew in because a gust of wind blew me in and I saw the bridge collapse so I noticed you guys in here and wanted to make sure you were okay."


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