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hi there! i'm just a humble collector based in minneapolis wanting to meet up with other folks in the twin cities to talk about dolls n junk, and to discuss sightings here in the cities.

i don't have too many places i can get to easily, but there's that dreaded kmart on lake street where although they almost don't have *anything* new (they don't even have Haunted except for Getting Ghostly), they do have some interesting holdovers from 2014, and a few bargains as well. (here's a tip: they got a ton of Castas. like, crates of them. i'm not kidding. after clearance and the 50% off on clearance dolls, she comes out to about $12. good deal i say, though it gives me the sinking feeling that ol' Fierce didn't do too well. :<  )

target is a little better, but their stock is pretty stagnant too. i check the nicollet mall location all the time and i haven't seen anything new yet. though if you still want Sweet Screams or Freaky Field Trip, that's the place to go.

the other day i got a friend to drive us out to one of the TRUs in maplewood, and it was such a breath of fresh air to see so many far more interesting dolls in one place. i got a Bloodgood there for $15, there's still one more up for grabs if you're interested ;) shame though, talking to one of the employees there, a lot of the MH stock doesn't move too fast. they still have Mansters, and Picnic Casket for example (which i plan to get at a future date) they do have the Boo York stuff though, as well as the FDC stuff!! AND GOOLIOPE, OH MAN. they've also got the FDC playset and the Rochelle looks pretty cute.

i also really took for granted the fact that there were like 10 walmarts in the city back home in NC, because there isn't a single one here within reasonable walking, biking, or bussing distance. RIP my chances of picking up any of the walmart exclusives )':

the selection of the justice exclusives at the MOA location is a little paltry. i saw a few spectras, LOTS of jinafires, never saw a clawdeen.

and how about yourselves?

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