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 The birds outside my window sang me awake. My attic bedroom looked different today. The cobwebs in the corners seemed to glow. The dust bunnies under my bed were also excited about something. I sat up in bed and looked around the room. Nothing new.  


 I was dressed in my favorite blue shirt and jeans with a Scarme's scarf around my neck. I walked to the kitchen in my bare feet, ready to see Mindy and Mandy. I walked down the long, dark, gothic hallway.  I smelled toast and Orange Juice. The smell got stronger as I got closer to the kitchen. Mindy and Mandy greeted me with smiles and some breakfast. They asked me how high school was, and I asked them how life was being 17. Every thing was normal. Whatever the dust bunnies were trying to tell me probably didn't have to do with breakfast.

 I walked to the bathroom, and I did what I do every morning before school: Put apricot and peach makeup all over my body. You see, I go to a human school. I have to cover myself in paint and makeup everyday. Dad didn't want me to go to a monster school because he thinks we won't be safe, and I know where he's coming from. I read one of the articles from a newspaper that he reads, and it talked about a teacher named Mrs. Flapper that took over the school, and even though some ghouls saved the school, he doesn't want to talk about that or the school.


  Swim class. I walked into the locker room, eager to swim. I grabbed my hot pink swim suit and got dressed. I completely forgot that I was covered in make-up, and that I didn't get my legs because of my jeans. Everybody whispered. 

 What I heard was, "Gray-legged freak", and "Ewww!". I jumped into the pool. The make-up washed off before anybody could see, turning the water an apricot color. I saw some girls, not in swimsuits, whispering and nodding. And, before I knew it, I was following my head and running to the attic of the school.

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