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Hi everyone it's been a while since I've posted anything an I thought if share some of the adjustments I've made to some of my previous repaints

I also wanted to ask a question to fellow customizers has anyone ever sold any of their customs since I don't display mine and had originally intended to sell them all but ne'er got around to can anyone give me advice on selling them. Such as where to sell them and how much you think I should sell mine for all feedback is very appreciated thanks

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Oh wow thanks that's a big number considering I was thinking that asking $50 was a lot but taking all you have given me into consideration I think I will definitely start an etsy shop andattemp to sell my customs since I have quite a few of them and I'm thinking of pricing them anywhere from $40 to $50 since I don't have stands for them and I'm not quite as good at making them as others I've seen but I really appreciate the feed back :)

Marghoul is the Next Supreme said:

As far as how much you want to charge for them, consider how much you've put into them. Let's say $15 for the doll base, minimum. Factor in the costs of the materials you used to customize it -- acetone, paint, brushes, tools, glue, fabric, etc. -- and ask yourself how much your time is worth when it comes down to labor. Generally, $80-100 is a reasonable low-ball for a custom job of your caliber, but that's up to you whether you think that's fair for the work you put in.

As far as where? Etsy tends to get good hits for custom dolls. People know what they're getting is handmade and are willing to pay for its worth.

They're beautiful! And they have such personality. Each doll really gives you a distinct feeling.

Thank you! I try to make them all look unique so they don't all look like the same face with different styles which gets tricky for me since I have about 10 customs

A Binturong said:

They're beautiful! And they have such personality. Each doll really gives you a distinct feeling.


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