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Trying to sell off entire collection all together. 54 total boxes.. More because some all couples

I was wondering if there is anyone that knows someone who would be willing to buy a total collection in full...I don't want to break up the collection and deal with a bunch of shipping. i have had a terrible thing happen within my life.. My husband has left me for another woman .. Blah blah,,so I'm stressed out and need money so the thought of breaking up all theses and doing a ton of different post office trips and shipping is not what I want.
I don't want to list if there is no one who could afford to buy such a huge lot all at once, or if anyone would not be interested. I don't know how much exactly but ball park figure for all would be over $ 1,000.00
Some are rare, one is from comic con
Some are boys,.so that is why it is more.

I have a lot going on, and I'm sad and please don't post anything mean or rude.. If what I'm asking is crazy or you don't like my post please move on and don't post.. Thanks !

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I would like to see pictures also. Sorry about your situation. :-(
Just give me your email and I can send you pics

Mgh29 said:
I would like to see pictures also. Sorry about your situation. :-(

ive sent you email address

If you could send list or pics i would appreciate it.

You would likely make more money selling them individually, but I understand why you would just want to sell it all in one go.  I just find that it can be harder to find buyers for such a large lot.  I wish you the best of luck, though.  And if you do decide to sell individually, I'm interested in a Nefera de Nile, if you have her.  Or possibly a Toralei.


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