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I've been carrying around this awesome idea but I've never tried customizing dolls before. I'd like to use Deuce as a base but I suppose I'd be able to use Jackson instead. Do they share the same mold or does Jackson have a different face sculpt? The doll I'd like to make will have slicked back blond hair so re-rooting will need to happen if I decide to use synthetic hair. I could also sculpt the hair style but I'm not sure how to go about doing that kind of thing or what materials to use. What does Deuce's head look like under his snake-hawk? I'd imagine putting synthetic hair into him wont be easy seeing as he probably has the only scalp without roots. Do you think sculpting the hair would look better or do you think rooted hair would look better. If anyone has pics of a Deuce that's had his snake-hawk removed that's be way cool to see. Thanks :).

BTW is it simple and safe to remove and put back the monster high doll heads? I'd hate to break one.

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Thank you so much for your reply. This tutorial is perfect! Knowing about the face sculpts helps me out a lot too. I'm def going to use Deuce. I'm starting to think sculpting the hair is the way to go. I've seen "sculpey" and "green stuff" used to sculpt hair for the monster high dolls. I'm wondering what mold would be the absolute best to use. I have worked with sculpey before so I leaning toward that.

peachyfangirl said:

they have very different face sculpts, deuce has a thinner face than jackson. i think if you go with deuce it would be easier to mold hair since he has no roots and sculpted hair actually looks really cool. heres a link to a tutorial on how to remove deuce's hair


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