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11/21 - 10:32am: I get the "Order Acknowledgement" email right after my order...

11/21 - 11:34am: I get my "Order Confirmation" email stating I would get Skelita between 11/26-11/29

11/23 - 11:25pm: Order Cancelled email "Unfortunately, some or all of the items from your order # 8586891038-1 are currently unavailable. As a result, these item(s) have been deleted from your order.

11/24 - 5:58am: Shipment confirmation for the rest of my order

The F'd up thing is that Skelita was in stock ALL DAY the whole day I ordered her. WHAT THE $%$)%*$)%*$%?????

This policy is DISGUSTING...

After holding for 15+ minutes, I was told "oh yeah, those are backordered by like 10,000" THEY WERE LISTED IN STOCK AT TRU FOR THE WHOLE DAY! I WAS GONNA ORDER A SECOND (til I looked at my bank account)

3 days before you realize you don't have the stock???? CANT INDICATE OUT OF STOCK OR BACKORDERED ON THE WEBPAGE?!?!?!?!

At least the rep felt bad and gave me a $10 credit. :/

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Thanks, but I ended up getting her a week before Christmas.


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