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11/21 - 10:32am: I get the "Order Acknowledgement" email right after my order...

11/21 - 11:34am: I get my "Order Confirmation" email stating I would get Skelita between 11/26-11/29

11/23 - 11:25pm: Order Cancelled email "Unfortunately, some or all of the items from your order # 8586891038-1 are currently unavailable. As a result, these item(s) have been deleted from your order.

11/24 - 5:58am: Shipment confirmation for the rest of my order

The F'd up thing is that Skelita was in stock ALL DAY the whole day I ordered her. WHAT THE $%$)%*$)%*$%?????

This policy is DISGUSTING...

After holding for 15+ minutes, I was told "oh yeah, those are backordered by like 10,000" THEY WERE LISTED IN STOCK AT TRU FOR THE WHOLE DAY! I WAS GONNA ORDER A SECOND (til I looked at my bank account)

3 days before you realize you don't have the stock???? CANT INDICATE OUT OF STOCK OR BACKORDERED ON THE WEBPAGE?!?!?!?!

At least the rep felt bad and gave me a $10 credit. :/

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I've seen this kind of thing before. The website doesn't seem to update live and i'm not really sure WHY. I've had orders cancelled or delayed when the item has been "in stock" for days after my own order, from a few different stores. It's so annoying.

But at least they do it that way, unlike the Entertainer who decided "Hey, we don't have the item this person ordered but we'll send something else from the same line instead and not tell them."

I remember one order I had to return because I didn't recieve the doll i'd ordered, they substituted without asking if that was ok. I was NOT impressed. Imagine ordering say, Skellita and then the parcel arrives, you open it all excited and find basic, regular ol' Frankie.

I ordered mine first thing that morning, it hasn't shipped yet, but it hasn't been canceled either.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


Had that problem with TRU when Torelei first came out.  Walmart did that to me with Robecca and Amazon did it two Christmases ago with GB Draculaura.  Seems to be a toss-up as to whether or not you get your order in in-time.  The reps have always been real nice when I've called about it though.

Most company websites do not have up to date real time systems. A majority of the time, workers at the warehouse do not work weekends, so if you order something say Thursday or Friday when it says it's instock, it's taking a risk that it isn't, becuase there is no one there to manually update the computer. Since the cases appealing nationwide are so few, these are preview cases and stores usually only get 2-4 cases before bulk of the stock comes in, so levels will be low for the next week or so.


I suppose I will have to wait until she is more readily available, which will probably be post-holiday. I prefer buying in person anyway... As for TRU, I have heard of this happening before with certain MLP products, but I was fortunate to not be one affected that time.

That is a REALLY bad lag though... ordered Wednesday morning and they cancel at close to midnight on FRIDAY?  I cannot figure out why they can't update their systems to reflect accurate stock #s. It's not rocket science, it's being lazy and/or cheap.

I had this problem with Chapters when trying to order my Transformers IDW Collection hardcovers. I actually reordered it 4 times before securing a copy to ship. And each time I ordered it, it was in stock, but a day or so later, one weekends normally a tuesday I'd get a cancel instead of a shipping notice because there was actually none in stock. Just keep trying. She will be EVERYWHERE soon.

Ugh... sorry to hear that.

I've worried about something like this every time I place an MH order with TRU, because it seems like this happens quite a lot (but with a mega-hot property like MH, it's probably par for the course).  I've never had it happen yet, but I'm sure that my luck is due to run out soon.  ^^;;;;

I always (figuratively!) hold my breath after getting my order confirmation; only after I get a shipping notice and actually get the item in hand do I start breathing again.

Why bother with the "order confirmation" email though? Unless they step up their inventory game, they should leave it at the "order acknowledgement" stage and then only send out the shipping confirmation. It's the online shopping equivalent of false advertising...

Ah well, I got lucky with Nightmare Moon when this was going on a few months back, so I guess it was my turn to get screwed.

for some reason I didn't get a "shipped" confirmation, but I looked up my order and it's set to be delivered tomorrow :)  Now, I just need Jinafire and that will complete my MH shopping for Christmas.  

I order Rochelle and Clawdeen from TRU last week and they still havent been shipped yet!

i have jinafire

i have jinafires for sale

Nacht Vogel said:

for some reason I didn't get a "shipped" confirmation, but I looked up my order and it's set to be delivered tomorrow :)  Now, I just need Jinafire and that will complete my MH shopping for Christmas.  


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