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A trolled doll is a doll that was returned to the store in the wrong box, wrong clothes, or even wrong accessories. Someone didn't want a doll they had so they returned the doll to the store in a recently purchased doll's box for a refund. do you think stores should accept trolled dolls as returns or do you think store clerks should pay attention and reject trolled merchandise.

Here's a deuce in a Gil box wearing Jackson's clothes.

Can you spot what happened to this five pack?

is this clawdeen the correct doll?

what happened to this clawdeen?

how about this 5 pack?

Spot the trolling and let me know how you feel about trolled dolls.

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I was just shopping at my local Kmart and found two different trolled dolls. One was a music fest clawdeen wearing a faded scaris abbey's dress and scaris ghoulia's shoes.
Two was a frights,camera,action/black carpet cleo wearing a faded scaris ghoulia's dress and 13 wishes howleen's boots. She also have a large purple purse just loose in the box.

I should have just bought them, but the dresses were really faded, I told the cashire about it but don't know if it'll help anything.

Saw a powerghoul spectra at Walmart and was totally caught off guard (since they are Target exclusives) then I looked a little closer and realized it was a "trolled" doll

wth? Why would you... return the entire doll and insert in a wrong box? That is so confusing.

Yes I was just as confused!

purple_monkfish said:

wth? Why would you... return the entire doll and insert in a wrong box? That is so confusing.

The person that returned it probably got the power ghoul doll cheap in November/December. I paid $5 each for my PG's a day before black Friday. They were on sale for $10 but remember Target had coupons then for $5 off any monster high doll whose regular price is $19 or more. So they got PG spectra for next to nothing and returned her for full credit at Wal-Mart for the ghouls night out price. Darn shame they got away with it too...

ahh that'd explain it then Howleen. And just slide the backing card with doll attached in

Yes it's terrible. It makes me mad because my relatives wouldn't know that the doll is not correct and could purchase this for my daughter as a gift if they saw one in the store!

I was pretty worried at Christmas time when I told family to get monster high dolls, most of them can't tell barbie from Scooby doo. In fact my mother thought that barbie Ken was deuce gorgon. But the text pictures I took and sent out really helped! Still even with that I can see how people would only see the box and not realize that it's contents don't match.. how the people at the stores don't notice is a different story considering that they have to actually look at the box and place it back on the shelves!!! 

I usually help people if they are trying to buy dolls and don't know what they look like.

Found on Monster High Canada's facebook page. Fake FCA Operetta $60 bucks

wow 60 dollars for a trolled doll someone hasn't done their research.

This one really is bizarre. It's an Abby, with Marker to make her look like Twilla ad rerooted hair? I know they outfit but I can't place it, but she comes with one of Spectra's outfits.  This is kind of an expensive troll to make isn't it?

abbeylover7601 said:

I would buy that! She's so pretty!

Marghoul [Mod!] said:

this is by far the BEST trolled doll I've ever seen. Every time you look at it you find yet another thing wrong with it! It's almost a treasure in itself.


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