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It's been a while since I've been on the scene and I have a lot I wanna try to trade.

The dolls and sets I'm looking for MUST be complete and in good condition:

13 Wishes:

Gigi Grant



Viperine Gorgon

Honey Swamp


Freaky Fusion:

Avea Trotter

Bonita Femur

Sirena Von Boo

Swim Class:

Frankie Stein

Clawdeen Wolf


Lagoona Blue

Holt Hyde

Dead Tired:

Frankie Stein

Clawdeen Wolf

Abbey Bominable


Kiyomi,Vandela,River or Getting Ghostly Spectra

Pop Stars:

Catty Noir or Casta Fierce


Cleo's Vanity

The High School

Frankie's Mirror Bed

Clawdeen's Bunk Bed (if you can provide the Clawdeen doll that comes with it too, big plus!)

Lagoona's Hydration Station (again, if you can include Lagoona with it too, that'd be great!)

Frights,Camera,Action Premiere Party or Dressing Room

I will be making an additional post to show the set and doll I have to trade. :) Thanks for your time!


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I have the frights camera action play set. Opened but complete and in very good condition. I'm looking for clawd and draculaura for bitten love 2 pack. Do u have that?

No, I don't. :( I'm sorry. :(

hello, I have a few items on your list, however don't see anything I need for trade.

You can message me, if you are searching and want to purchase!

(NIB Honey, NIB Elissabat & NIB Cleo Vanity)

I sent you a friend request, I also have a Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona and a Jewelry Box Coffin to trade as well. :)

I think I've got a few things on your list. I'm not really looking for anything right now, but if you're interested in buying feel free to shoot me a PM! I've got photos and prices posted on my thread here:

Good luck with your trading/ hunting! :)

hi in interested in  ca cupid purse

I have a NIB 13 wishes Twyla, what do you have to trade for?


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