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Trading and Selling lots of Monster High Dolls and Accessories!

EDIT: I am now also paying for EAH dolls as well (no trade necessary)! Message me if you have a doll you want to sell :)

I am looking to sell or trade most of my Monster High Collection! 

What you see here is what I have in terms of accessories

Stands are not included with the dolls

My Wishlist:

~ ****Pretty much any EAH doll except for the main 4, Cedar basic, Blondie basic and Ashlynn basic****

~ Rochelle Goyle swim, Scaris, Ghoul Chat or dance class

~ Any Gigi Grant doll

~ Skelita Art Class

~ Any Catrine doll

~ Gloom and Bloom dolls

~ Vandala Doubloon

~ Novi Stars dolls

References/good ratings available if you are trading with me, PM if interested :)

I will also sell any of these dolls, make an offer :)

Shipping starts at $5 and depends on the number of dolls you buy

I accept Paypal, credit cards and checks

Ask me if you have any questions

Dance Class dolls:

~ Operetta

~ Howleen 

~ Lagoona

~ Robecca

Beach/Skull Shores Dolls:

~ Abbey

~ Draculaura

~ Black and White Frankie (Friday the 13th Exclusive)

Random Dolls:

~ Abbey VIM

~ Abbey Roller Derby

~ Create a Monster Cat (With assorted clothes)

~ Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta

Random Dolls #2:

~ Picture Day Draculaura

~ First Wave Lagoona

~ Frights Camera Action Lagoona

~ Sweet 1600 Frankie

Dead Tired Dolls:

~ Clawdeen (has little cell phone, forgot to include in picture)

~ Robecca


I'm not sure who most of these are from, make your best guess

Boxed Dolls:

~ Day at the Maul/Killer Style Frankie

~ Dance Class Lagoona

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She would cost $13 plus shipping but I am open to other offers too :)
That sounds like a good price to me! I don't suppose there's any chance you'd be willing to hold her until after Easter, is there? I really need to not buy dolls until then. :) If not that's fine; I'll just cross my fingers that nobody will get to her first.
Yes I can hold her for you! Just message me when you are ready to buy :)
She doesn't come with a stand just so you know, but she does include the rest of the pictured accessories
Sounds good! Thank you!
I would have to know the prices and characters but I might be interested :)
I'm definitely interested in them but I can't really afford those prices right now :( I can offer you a trade for some of my Monster High dolls or custom doll dresses or plushies though!
Well considering most of those dolls are only $10-$15 new on Amazon the prices would have to be a lot lower that that sorry
Shipping is a LOT of money too if it's international so it would have to be like $5 a doll or a trade for it to be worth it :(
Okay well if you decide to sell you dolls at a lower price than just let me know :)

Have you sold your wave 1 lagoona? I have a Scaremester Catrine I would be willing to trade for it. (book and folder would be included)

Yes she is still available but is worth a bit more than Catrine, can you let me know if you have other dolls to trade?

are you looking for any other dolls then what is on your list? I have a skelita but she's scaris :/


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