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Trading and Selling lots of Monster High Dolls and Accessories!

EDIT: I am now also paying for EAH dolls as well (no trade necessary)! Message me if you have a doll you want to sell :)

I am looking to sell or trade most of my Monster High Collection! 

What you see here is what I have in terms of accessories

Stands are not included with the dolls

My Wishlist:

~ ****Pretty much any EAH doll except for the main 4, Cedar basic, Blondie basic and Ashlynn basic****

~ Rochelle Goyle swim, Scaris, Ghoul Chat or dance class

~ Any Gigi Grant doll

~ Skelita Art Class

~ Any Catrine doll

~ Gloom and Bloom dolls

~ Vandala Doubloon

~ Novi Stars dolls

References/good ratings available if you are trading with me, PM if interested :)

I will also sell any of these dolls, make an offer :)

Shipping starts at $5 and depends on the number of dolls you buy

I accept Paypal, credit cards and checks

Ask me if you have any questions

Dance Class dolls:

~ Operetta

~ Howleen 

~ Lagoona

~ Robecca

Beach/Skull Shores Dolls:

~ Abbey

~ Draculaura

~ Black and White Frankie (Friday the 13th Exclusive)

Random Dolls:

~ Abbey VIM

~ Abbey Roller Derby

~ Create a Monster Cat (With assorted clothes)

~ Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta

Random Dolls #2:

~ Picture Day Draculaura

~ First Wave Lagoona

~ Frights Camera Action Lagoona

~ Sweet 1600 Frankie

Dead Tired Dolls:

~ Clawdeen (has little cell phone, forgot to include in picture)

~ Robecca


I'm not sure who most of these are from, make your best guess

Boxed Dolls:

~ Day at the Maul/Killer Style Frankie

~ Dance Class Lagoona

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About how much would you want for W1 Lagoona?

Wave one Lagoona would be around $45 :)

Price for Killer Style Frankie and Frankie scream uniform pieces?

Killer style Frankie is $30 and the FearLeading outfit (dress and shoes) is $15 :)

Alright, thanks for letting me know.

I thought I might have mistaken the outfit after posting the inquiry. Sorry!

I have a significantly cheaper alternative for that Frankie elsewhere right now so I can't justify purchasing this one at this time. I will keep an eye on your sales for any additions of interest you may have in the future.

Catrine wouldn't be an even trade alone for your Lagoona and the fearleading outfit isn't enough for my Catrine. I cannot spend anymore than shipping so sadly, I don't think we can make a deal. Thanks for your fast response. I'm sorry we couldn't make a trade. Maybe in the future. Thanks again. 

I am now also paying for EAH dolls as well (no trade necessary)! Message me if you have a doll you want to sell :)

I sent you a message!

How much for Picture Day Draculaura?

She would be $20 shipped :)
What would you be looking for price wise on DDG Operetta?


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