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Trade List (Werecats, RM Abbey, Toralei & others - Looking FOR DOTD Deuce, GR Abbey, Skull Shores multi dollls)

This is a rough list of what I have up for grabs... I'm WAY more interested in trade than sale...


DOTD Deuce

Ghouls Rule Abbey

Dance Class Operetta

Dance Class Robecca

Skull Shores Cleo

Skull Shores Frankie (color version)

Skull Shores Clawdeen


Fashion Packs

Abbey Snowboard Club

Ghoulia Comic Book Club

I'm just listing this as a starting point because I have a lot of stuff to go through & take pics etc... 

This is what I HAVE:

Werecat sisters - NIB

RM Abbey & Ghoulia - NIB

Toralei - NIB (tail detached in package)

Abbey - NIB (reissue?)

DDG Spectra - NIB (need to take a pic, almost forgot I had her!)

1600 Cupid - NIB

1600 Clawdeen - NIB

GB Draculaura - NIB (single pack)

DOTD Cleo - Loose/Complete (needs pic)

DOTD Clawdeen - Loose/Complete (needs pic)

I may add more later, but I gotta start to clean up my collection, so I will start here.. I do need to take more (and better) pics and will gladly send as many as you would like before any transaction. I listed my ebay name on the photos even though I have yet to sell anything on there! Would rather go through here.

If you are looking for something specific (accessories, loose dolls) and HAVE something on my want list, please feel free to ask!I can also find quite a few recent dolls and am happy to hunt in exchange for my want list dolls! :)

Apologies for the huge/bad pics, this computer has no image editor installed so resizing/fixing color was a pain. :/

EDIT: I should also add that I collect MLP cards and am looking for the MLP card tin that just came out as well as the gold foil cards... and SDCC Derpy. I also have some NIB Lalaloopsies. Let me know if you are interested and I will will give more details on those. (No Silly Hairs, just full-size regular dolls)

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I would like Toralei.  Sending you a friend request.

Hey, I don't know what I am doing wrong but after I accept a friend request I can never see the message that was sent along with it! I got a couple of request re: Toralei, but can't find the original messages. Please send me a PM (to inbox) and let me know what you have for trade!

Thanks guys! :)

I have Ghouls Rule Abbey, and want to trade her for Torelei PLEASE!

i have 

Dance Class Operetta

Dance Class Robecca and would love to trade for your toralei

you can have both for toralie

What would you be willing to trade for the werecat twins?

Hiya, I have an Abbey Bominable GR, would like to trade for Torelie or Draculaura GB, Thanks!

Hi guys, sorry, this was an old thread that was revived recently... I need to update it, but I am currently mid-move. Once I am settled in, I will have to recheck my "trade" bin and let everyone know the deal. No more Toralei tho, sorry! I've also purchased some more dolls, so this list is outdated... STAY TUNED!

I have the abbey clothes pack.. its out of box but I could never get it on a doll so it is practically never used. Are You Interested at all?

Is that the first Cupid with the heart halo?


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