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So I have the first 4 Gloom Beach (Cleo Draculaura, Clawdeen Frankie), wave 1 of Dead Tired, Dawn of the (Dance Lagoona Ghoulia Cleo Clawdeen & Frankie), & Classroom Frankie & Ghoulia first release with their locker, all are MIB - never removed. ~Prices do not include shipping~

I am an experienced trader/seller - though not really on here, my profile does have feedback others have left for me. I've already traded some high value dolls (SDCC Scarah Screams & Hoodude MIB) and sold one or two things. Further feedback can be found here: & here: 

VERY IMPORTANT TERMS: I accept PayPal only for my payments, I will only ship in the USA & I will always provide you with tracking information. AGAIN - Prices do not include shipping.

DotD Ghoulia MIB $60 (ON HOLD)
DotD Lagoona MIB $85 (ON HOLD)
DotD Cleo MIB (first release box) $40
DotD Frankie MIB $45
DotD Clawdeen MIB $55

Gloom Beach Draculaura MIB $22
Gloom Beach Frankie MIB $22
Gloom Beach Clawdeen MIB $22
Gloom Beach Cleo MIB $25
Gloom Beach Jackson NOT FOR SALE

Classroom Frankie MIB (with locker) $35
Classroom Ghoulia MIB (with locker) $30

Dead Tired Ghoulia MIB $18 (ON HOLD)
Dead Tired Cleo MIB $45 (ON HOLD)
Dead Tired Draculaura MIB $20 (ON HOLD)
Dead Tired Frankie MIB $35 (ON HOLD)

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Thanks, I'd be interested in some of the DOTD dolls.
DotD Lagoona is firm, I just checked eBay completed sold listings and the price is more than fair. I'm going to try to recheck since I got the eBay app on my phone.

I just re-verified my prices by checking the completed sold listings on eBay, my DoTD & Gloom Beach prices are FIRM.

Do the prices include shipping? I'm interested in DOTD Clawdeen if you still have her?

Prices do not include shipping but I would be more than happy to get a shipping quote for you, and yes DotD Clawdeen is still available. :)

I also just updated the OP with dolls that are on hold.

I have an offer for you. (Interested in DOTD Clawdeen, DOTD Frankie & Gloom Beach Draculaura)

giving this another bump

Giving this another bump - changes were made to the original post since I was able to buy Holt. :D


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