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I am going to hate this week I think. There has always been a Toys R Us for us to shop in and now no longer..We went to the Sunnyvale, Ca location Sun night and the shelves are nearly empty..The sale hit 70% ( 90% in some other locations.) I took these photos quickly because the store was closing in 2 mins the man told me..I tried to get some of the MH ad's above the dolls but they are all missing now..and I was told they were not sold. The only doll left was "Ben" from Descendants..No other dolls left. No Lego, Shopkins ,Funko etc..I saw a lot of shoppers and they were filling shopping carts to overflowing !!

Happy Mon Shopping Hugs,


We went to DD's Discounts and they have a lot of EAH/MH/Shopkins..I was very surprised to see the shelves there so full..We picked up new Shoppie & Shopkins..

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looks just like our local before it closed. I admit it, I shed a few tears as we left. It was so heartbreaking to see a place so empty.

Hello Purple,

Thank you for your comment :) It is so heartbreaking indeed,,I feel sorry for all the kids being born and yet to be born who will never know the joy of a TRU visit.

Happy Tues Hugs,


Yes, mine was exactly like this too. The one near Brent Cross too. Very depressing.

Hello Tula,

Thanks Hon..Is there any news on any business looking to take over that location ? We were talking about how great it would be if someone decided to open a new toy store or giant thrift store to take over the former TRU locations. We'd rather have TRU's stay open but feel lucky we could all say goodbye to them on our time/terms. My only Paddington Bear came from the Redwood City , Ca TRU..I am glad we found something to buy that we wanted.

Happy Tues Shopping Hugs,


Aww it's sad I don't have a TRU were I live but it's painful to watch empty store which used to entertain and give so much fun to kids and adults too

Hello Lagoona,

It truly is sad..Today is the final day for This store and Thurs is the final day for our other local TRU...all I can think of is how lucky we all were to grow up with this HUGE amazing store.

Happy Wed Shopping Hugs,



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